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Full Version: Traction Compound: Love/Like/Hate?
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How much do you guys love, like or hate the "PJ1" traction compound now? LMK.

I liked it in the beginning a couple of years ago. BUT that was b/c they were using it to spread the racing lines outward or inward (depending on the track). With this year's aero package, I'm starting to hate that stuff more and more. At big tracks, it takes forever to be usable and it's still "iffy" at-best. Here we are at Bristol and the track owners roughed-up the outside line and NASCAR "stickied" the inside line. Back to 1-lane racing here! That's just crap. Get rid of the PJ1 at ALL tracks if you're going to pull that crap. I'd rather see NASCAR stop using it completely than be selective on when and where they use it! If NASCAR is going to allow tracks to select where the compound is placed, it should be removed completely. Let the tracks go back to managing themselves with "tire-dragons" and such. I'm really starting to hate the PJ1 compound.

I only want to see the cars & drivers race each other, not some crap sprayed on the track to help them turn better!
I must say, i do not know that i have given this much thought, really. That is, i am not that well learned in the mechanics of racing and setting up a car and how the track bar or aero packages truly affect the driving. I sort of get drafting, but now it seems that side drafting is much more prominent than i ever remember.

I much prefer multiple lines that allow for side by side racing. How the PJ1 compound does that i leave to the tracks and NASCAR, but if it does not do that then i only know it because the racing stinks. The XFinity race only got good when Kyle Busch wrecked (i missed A bunch from just before the end of stage 1 until sometime after Algaier was leading, so i do not know what happened, only that Kyle looked like he was going to be the only car on the lead lap, and then he was no longer in the race). The end of the race was pretty good ...
I find it hypocritical, that NASCAR rules prohibit a team from treating the tires with any foreign substance, but NASCAR finds it perfectly fine to treat the track with a foreign substance! Huh
I hate it...These drivers are athletes and should have to drive on the service that is givin.. But Nascar changes all kinds of stuff so anyone really could hope in and drive..It really sucks.. Brakes being huge,tires that dont wear,tracks being pampered, lucky dog is the biggest joke. Get your lap back and can get new tires and gas,..Screws the guys pushing there stuff to the limit to put u a lap down and then ur handed freebies..and restricting the engines is all a joke....But they nare losing there butts and trying anything to save there selves..