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Full Version: BIG JJ/Bubba trade arrived! Bubba scans added.
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I told you guys I had something big in the works. After almost 2.5 months, my trade with timbart is complete. I got 96 cards in the mail today. Two of them were the 2 Panthers cards he posted here back in May from a Panini Day pack he received. We kept building from there. He didn't have his cards listed here yet. So it took a while to get his cards of my drivers loaded. After I realized that I'd bought several cards from him on ebay in the past, we expanded the trade even more. This is the largest racing trade I've made in quite a while on any site. It's also the largest acquisition of new-to-me JJ cards in MANY years! Of the 94 NASCAR cards, 18 were Bubba Wallace base/insert/parallel cards. So that leaves 76 new JJ cards!!! They range from 2005 to 2019 and include everything but AU'd cards. 39 of the 76 are Press Pass cards. Here are the 14 "goodies" from the trade:

SN's are pretty obvious for these 5 cards:

[Image: 48312946816_7fb1be579b_z.jpg]

All are SN25, except the Showcase card (SN45 and upside-down OW from LOWE'S logo):

[Image: 48313060747_d782c017c4_z.jpg]

2017 Absolute SN10, 2017 NT SN20, 2017 Father's Day SN25, 2017 Torque SN499, 2018 Prime SN25

[Image: 48313060637_a1ce3e15c7_z.jpg]

So thrilled to add all the new cards to my PC. I don't currently have any total numbers (need to add cards to albums first), but my JJ collection is well above 1400 cards now (and around 130 MEM cards) and Bubba is over 75 total cards. Thanks for looking!
And thanks a ton to Tim!!!
Nice adds my friend. That is a pretty impressive collection 1400 JJs that is awesome Thanks for sharing
Great bunch of adds...and i will tell you again, take a picture of those Showcase cards and send the pics to Panini to show them what cards in a premium release should look like...

Sweet stuff
Thanks MrA and Tom. Pretty happy with all these new cards. Some of the stuff I didn't show completed other goals as well. I completed one more of the 2009 Press Pass flagship JJ Rainbows with a Gold parallel. That gets me to 8 of the 17 five-card rainbows completed now. I need 2 more Golds and 9 holofoils, but I have a lead on 1 holofoil. I haven't added one of those '09 PP's in a long time. A bunch of the base cards I received got me to having all JJ's for those specific sets mostly mid-late 2000's but also including all 5 of the brand new 2019 Victory Lane set. I think I have all of the 2019 Donruss base cards now too.
I have many Showcase examples that Panini should see to know how to do it right, as well as Fanfare, Redline and TM. I'm pretty sure that Muscle Car card is my first Sprint logo.
BTW, the Alpine Stars logo piece and the piece in the Prime card are both neon yellow. The Prime is either an "F", "R" or "P" from the "FOR PROS" part of JJ's suit.
very nice additions man..Thanks for sharing...
BIG trade Congrats
Nice pickups
My pleasure, Adam...glad we could pull it off!
awesome man!
Thanks everyone, especially Tim! Here are all 18 of the Bubba Wallace cards. If you want to know what a specific card is, I'll be happy to answer you. For example, top right of pic1 is a 2018 Panini Fathers Day base card. Bubba is the only NASCAR driver in the base set. All of the cards in pic2 are 2019 cards. Only 6 of the 18 are base cards (3 in each scan). The rest are base SP's or parallels and inserts or insert parallels.

[Image: 48343317027_61da5de6d0_z.jpg]

[Image: 48343316907_ff8f86e82f_z.jpg]