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Full Version: 2019 RFFG - Week 20 - STANDINGS
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This week's race is on Sunday 7/21 @ New Hampshire (Loudon) at 3pm on NBCSN. The cutoff time to make or change picks is Saturday 7/20 at 11pm EDT.

I forgot to do a mid-season update after Daytona, so here it is now. Here's how the "Free Pass" lines up for members:

* USED 1 SO FAR: corbins sports cards, jasonyeager, pbobo44, wilsonsportscards
* Everyone else still has 2 left.

Here are the current points standings (and pts. behind the leader):

1. wsc - 751
2T. kev - 721 (-30) [tiebreaker is 5W to 2W]
2T. kd80 - 721 (-30)
4. spaz - 686 (-65)
5. lead - 651 (-100)
6. dun - 608 (-143)
7. a9a - 607 (-144)
8. csc - 600 (-151)
9. pbo - 587 (-164)
10. stel - 547 (-204)
11. jas - 488 (-263)

I like how tight the game is staying this year! At this point last season, there were 261 points separating 1st from 9th (which was last place). All of the Top-5 had over 700 points, but everyone else was in the 500's (mostly high-500's). Oddly, the Top-6 now were also the Top-6 at this time last year. But only "wsc" and "spaz" are in the same spots as a year ago.
I'm not sure who to pick this week right now. There are so many drivers that are good at this track. I'll pick JJ for now, but I might change that later in the week after seeing some action on the track.
Chase Elliott
kyle busch
I will go with Kevin Harvick for now.
chase elliott
I'll take Harvick.
Kyle Larson
I worry that the new package has thrown a bit of a curve to some previous set up info...but i will take Truex.
Kyle Busch
Kyle Busch
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