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Full Version: 2 boxes of 2019 Luminance
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Bought two more boxes to continue working on this set. I got them for $120 a box off E-bay. The local card shop only had one box left and he marked it up to $155 so I doubt I'll get the price again

I got a couple of duplicates of the base which is unlucky but that's a possibility with the way they collate if you don't buy all the boxes together. I have about half the base set so I may buy one or two more boxes but not if their price goes up as I suspect it will.

I got 6 more Gold parallels and 2 more Blues including Daniel Jones and D.K Metcalf

I got two Orange parallels /49 Cam Newton and Chris Carson I will not be trying for those sets so they are available.

The hits were

Rookie Autos:
Caleb Wilson /149
Kelvin Harmon /349
Miles Sanders /349

Jumbo Patch Dalvin Cook
Vintage Materials Barry Sanders

250 Panini Points *gives finger to Panini*

on a final positive note:

Draft Day Signatures Blue Ink Tony Pollard Cowboys 3rd round pick RB
The Blue Ink are limited to 5.
Interested in the Dalvin Cook and the 250 Panini points. Let me know. Thanks.
Ouch, the hits weren't as good this time around huh? The chance of breaking boxes! Congrats on getting closer to your set completion!