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Full Version: Help ID this michael jordan card
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I just purchased this Jordan card. Now I am worried it is a reprint/custom card.
There was an Olympic subset in star for the 1984-85 set. to my knowledge there were no reprints of this particular card. Can't really tell though, unless we see the back also.
Yeah that's one of those "unreleased" Star cards. That's what some sellers will say to charge higher prices or they just don't know what they are.
I used to own all of those but they aren't original. Sorry. Hope you didn't pay too much for it.

I just checked my old Star card catalogue. That should be card #1 right? There are 12 cards in this U.S. Olympic set & it also comes in a black border variation. There are a lot of these sets with different border colors. Other than being a cool collectibe they're relatively worthless. Don't let sellers tell you any different. Hope this helped.
Thank you both for the information. The back of the card is #1 correct. I am very keen on web searches and have only seen one card like this ever posted. That one had the NBA logo in the front bottom left corner. What i found odd about this card is the Olympic logo. I was wondering if it could have been a promo distributed at the Olympics in 1984 LA.

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