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Full Version: NASCAR on FOX TV ratings
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Just heard on my local news that the TV ratings for the NASCAR races on Fox this season are up 2% and the digital ratings were up significantly. My local FOX station (WGHP) STILL has the highest NASCAR ratings in the country!

I sure would like to know why I can't meet any of these viewers around here! I actually did meet one yesterday. I had some plumbing work done and one of the guys is a NASCAR fan. He's not a collector like us, but he's been to races (of several types too). He went to the 600 a couple of years ago. He's also a Mark Martin fan, so we had a nice long talk while he was working. BTW, he's a few years younger than me too.

Anyway, I thought I'd let you guys know the ratings info. Going up even that small bit is still better than going down as it had been.
That is good news for our sport!!!! Thanks for the info.