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Full Version: 2019 Luminance box
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Watched box break video of this set and it looked really good so I grabbed a box today. Grabbed a pack of Legacy as well. Apparently the horseshoe found it way back into my butt.

The pack of Legacy had a Drew Brees For the Ages insert and a Greedy Willaims Prizm Auto

The Luminance box has 4 packs of 10 cards. One hit per pack, 3 Autos and 1 Mem per box. Each pack consists of 7 base cards including 3 rookies so its not going to easier to complete the set. The other three will be a parallel, insert and Auto/Mem. On eof my pack had 2 parallels and 6 base

This set looks fantastic, full color photos, players name is in foil script. Better than last years. It looks so good I may go full retard and try to complete a master set.

I got 27 base cards out of 200 so there are a lot of boxes in my future at least 3 to 4.

Gold /275:
Adrian Peterson
Ryan Finley
Traveon Willams

Blue /99:
Daniel Jones

Green /49:
Joe Mixon

Dynamic Andrew Luck
Lightspeed Odell Beckham Jr.
Luminary Devin White
Vintage Performers Don Maynard


Jumbo Jersey Leonard Fournette
Rookie Ink Karan Higden /349
Rookie Ink Mike Sanders /349

and the Coup de Grace...

Spotlight Gold Autograph Patrick Mahomes 09/10

Only the Mahomes is available for trade until my sanity comes back and I don't make an attempt at a master set.
Holy cow! Nice hits on the Mahomes and Sanders! That Mahomes should pay for the box lol
Its going up on E-bay today starting at $299. Hopefully it will go for much higher.
I opened a single pack yesterday. Paid $35 for it at the LCS, so I could only do 1. I got a Justice Hill auto, Barkley insert, couple of RCs, #d card of some QB out of Penn State and base. Let me know if you need any. I'd trade for baseball or Cowboys.
I went ahead and sent over an offer. LMK. Thanks.
Was a fan of this product last year - I believe that I got two boxes and picked up some individual auto and insert cards so I picked up a box of it for this year - got one of the on card draft picks autos (Damien Harris silver) - really nice looking card.

The base autos look a lot like last years - but since I picked up several base autos (none of which were very expensive) simply because I like how the cards look last year that isn't a bad thing.

Legacy is my favorite set so far this year - I've gotten two boxes - they really nice looking cards and you are quite lucky to have gotten one of the autos from one pack.