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Full Version: Two new JJ AU's arrived
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I got JJ AU cards #17 and #18 in my possession today (well, Friday). I've been looking for this first one for many years. It'll look great next to the Printing Plate set (if you guys remember that I have all 4 of those)!

2009 Wheels Autographs Jimmie Johnson (Black AU version) SN 20/25

[Image: 32928702557_a2fe48a79d_z.jpg]

Now I just need to find the no-SN version signed in blue ink to have all 6 versions.

Here's the second card. I bought both cards together from the same person, who was willing to hold them until after I bought my new car.

2014 Press Pass American Thunder White Autographs SN 09/15

[Image: 32928704967_6f78c08eb2_z.jpg]

I'm pretty sure I can't get all 3 versions of that one. I do believe the seller of these 2 has the Red 1/1 version. I can still try to get the Blue SN5 version though. Two more JJ AU'd cards will fill my 20-card frame with nothing but JJ AU's! Thanks for looking at my newest additions!
Two sweet, low numbered JJ autos...very nice adds, Adam. Congrats. It is so cool to add a card like 09 Wheels Auto when it helps complete the set.
Thanks Tom. I really wanted the '09 Wheels AU when he offered it. I didn't really care for the AT AU just b/c of the sticker. But he offered a better price for the pair, so I got both. Now if I can just find that last one for the Wheels rainbow. It's funny how I've acquired those cards opposite of usual (rarest to most common).
Nice addition to your collection..
Way to go Adam, sweet additions to your collection. Jimmy has always been one of my favorites.
Thanks Jason and Kevin.

To update, I was right. The seller does have the Red 1/1 AT AU card. He collects the rarer JJ cards and everything I've bought from him was b/c he ended up with 2 of them. The only way I could get any 1/1's from him would be to trade my 1/1's and that's not gonna happen.
Love the Wheels auto
(05-28-2019, 07:51 AM)alstott9adams Wrote: [ -> ]Love the Wheels auto
Me too. It goes great with these:

[Image: 36486546276_f11a0fb3f6_z.jpg]
(05-28-2019, 09:30 PM)spazmatastic Wrote: [ -> ]Me too. It goes great with these:

[Image: 36486546276_f11a0fb3f6_z.jpg]
Ahhh...there they are. Too sweet.
(05-29-2019, 06:07 PM)dunnere Wrote: [ -> ]Ahhh...there they are. Too sweet.
Big Grin