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It's time for the annual All-Star Race @ Charlotte on SATURDAY 5/18 - 8pm on FS1. The cutoff time to make or change picks is Saturday 5/18 at 5pm EDT.

REMEMBER, the points are different for this one. For those of you that weren't playing at this time last year, here's how it works. Everyone still picks one driver, but make sure your driver will be in the race. The person picking the highest finisher gets 10 points. The person picking the 2nd highest finisher gets 9 pts., and so on. If multiple people pick the same driver, they all get the same points and each spot eats the one behind it. For example: if 3 people pick the highest finisher, they all get 10 points and the person with the 2nd highest finisher gets 7 points, instead of 9.
BUT, this is the first year we've had more than 10 playing since I added the AS Race to the game. So somebody could get ZERO points this year even with a pick. If the worst-finishing driver is only picked by one person, they'll get no points. But if 2 people pick the worst-finisher, they'll both get one point. All that is assuming that all 11 players make a pick. No pick means no points anyway. I thought about changing the points some but that just might be too confusing, so I'll keep it the same.

Here are the current points standings:

1. wsc - 488
2. kd80 - 471
3. kev - 464
4. lead - 444
5. a9a - 420
6. spaz - 412
7. dun - 404
8. pbo - 380
9. csc - 344
10. jas - 299
11. stel - 275


I'll go with Kyle Busch for now.
I will take a flyer on Martin Truex Jr again this week...
I'll take Joey Logano
Chase Elliott
Martin Truex Jr for me also
kyle busch
Kyle Busch
I am going with Kyle Busch for now... Thanks!
(05-15-2019, 06:54 PM)jasonyeager Wrote: [ -> ]kyle busch
chabge my pick to kurt busch.. need to catch up somehow.

Kyle Busch
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