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Several of you know that I've been saving up for a newer car. After seeing what I was able to easily save for a down-payment over a year (after expensive unexpected repairs to my current car), I started thinking what I could get if I got some credit. With credit, I could double the money I had and pay off a car in a year or triple it and pay it off in 2 years. Since I've NEVER bought anything with credit or even taken out a loan, I wasn't sure if that would work. But time is running out! My 2001 Chevy Malibu is due for inspection, registration renewal and property taxes at the end of May. So I'd been looking for something that's about a decade newer with around 100K miles on it. I just wasn't finding anything that really fit my small criteria. I've amped up the searches the past 2 weeks. On Wednesday night, I got a hit. It almost seemed too good to be true. Then I went to test drive it Friday afternoon and it seemed like destiny. When I saw the car online, it wasn't even ready to be sold yet. They had just got it as a trade-in that day. When I got there to test it, they had just finished servicing and cleaning it. I was the 1st buyer to test drive it! I dealt with the salesman who actually accepted it. He said it was a retiree and she traded it in for a new model of the same thing. She actually bought it from that same dealership brand new and they did all the servicing for it. I drove it home about 5pm Saturday. There were 3 callers Saturday morning that were disappointed to hear that it had already sold! So here it is:

2011 Chevy Cruze (that looks nearly brand new inside and out)

69,413 miles (my 2001 Malibu has over 231K)

I put down 41% of the cost and they gave me 3 years to pay it. I'll get it done in about 18 months. There's an extra bonus after the pictures, so read on...

[Image: 40810061323_21de207a46_z.jpg]

[Image: 47723932182_8854f0245d_z.jpg]

I'm real happy with my new purchase. I put about 50 miles on it today b/c I had to come home for dinner. Then I went to work. My 2nd work account is right beside the dealership. But there's another funny or ironic twist. As I was signing all the financing papers, I found out who I'd actually be paying for the car. AND IT'S JJ's NEW SPONSOR - Ally Bank!!!

I just noticed that the pics make the outside look black, but it's kinda dark blue. It was starting to get cloudy when I got home. The technical color is Imperial Blue Metallic.
Congrats, bro...nice ride, made in Lordstown, Ohio...unfortunately, GM just shut that plant down, but that car was built with pride in NE Ohio. Made in USA. I hope it is a good car for you.
Thanks and me too! I finally got to figure out all the buttons and menus today. I also got the steering wheel and seat the way I think I want them. I had so little time b/t getting it and going to work that I didn't have time to figure anything out. Since I switched my insurance from the Malibu to the Cruze before I bought it, I had to drive it to work anyway. During the rain delay for the race, I transferred anything needed from the old one to the new one and trashed anything else. Then I moved the old car out of my parking spot, removed the license plate and put the Cruze in my spot. Now I need to return the plate before the NC DMV fusses at me for not having insurance on it. Then I need to get the Malibu out of here. I think I'm going to donate it to the local FD so they can use it for training. They constantly take unwanted/junk cars to train new volunteers how to use the "jaws of life" or put out a car fire. There are 2 FD's near me that could use it.

Do you remember Jimmie Johnson's dark blue Lowe's car from 2012 that had the 2 white "racing stripes" from hood to spoiler? That's almost exactly the color of my new car.
Very nice man, congrats.
Clear car for the age. Nice find!
Congratulations Buddy!!!
Thanks guys. The more I drive it, the more I like it. I'm loving that the key is built into the fob and pops out of it. That saves an ignition and door key from my old car. Working at several buildings, I have tons of keys, so it's always nice to get rid of some.
Congrats looks good
Don't try this in your new car.................
(05-28-2019, 01:47 PM)kevinr Wrote: [ -> ]Don't try this in your new car.................
I certainly wouldn't do that. I don't even have to read the linked article. I heard about it on the news.
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