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Full Version: Single-car Qualifying returns!!
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NASCAR is going back to single-car qualifying permanently starting this weekend! That's great news. No more stupid games. Just go as fast as you can and see where you'll start the race. It's about time they finally went back!
I think we called it a while back...or at least called for it. No more silliness.
But why was qualifying Friday at 3:40? So absurd...Xfinity qualifying Saturday morning for a Saturday afternoon race, MENCS qualifying Friday afternoon for a Sunday afternoon race. Please, explain the schedule. I am pretty pissed that i missed it today...
Remember this thread from April 1st. It wasn't an April Fool's joke. Big Grin

I didn't know Qualifying was so early today, but at least my DVR recorded it for me. I wasn't home then b/c I was trying to get a new car. I'm guessing it was that early b/c of the early start for the GOTS race. I thought it was odd that the race was starting at 5pm. That's about 2 hours early. I'm fixing to watch both right now.
One more change they made to Qualifying and it's a GOOD one. They now take TV timeouts for 2 minutes at a time. So now there are no cars on-track during commercials. They also don't use 1st practice to determine Q-order. They use the previous week's qualifying spots. Those who q'd in 21st to 40th have a random draw to determine the order they will run from 1st to 20th. The top-20 qualifiers from the previous week have a random draw for running spots 21-40 . Not sure how I feel about this one yet, but it should be more interesting that way.