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Full Version: Draft Day Break
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Broke a few boxes on Draft Day. Thought I'd share what I pulled:
Here are the highlights:

2019 Contenders Draft Picks FOTL + 2 blasters
Lonnie Johnson Jr AUTO
James Williams AUTO
Terry McLaurin Auto
Penny Hart AUTO
Lukas Denis AUTO
Josh Allen AUTO
Garret Ollison AUTO
2X Jazz Ferguson Auto
Brett Rypien Game Day/5
Kelvin Harmon Optic AUTO on card
Not terrible but not great. The Josh Allen is nice he looks like he will be a beast for the Jaguars although the card would have been worth more if the Giants would have picked him. The Optic is nice but I was surprised how far Harmon fell so who knows.

2018 Elements
Jordan Howard Metal AUTO on card/99
DJ Moore AUTO on card/125
DaeSean Hamilton JSY/99
Drew Brees/10
Pretty good box despite lacking one of the big name rookies. The hamilton is 3 color and getting the low numbered brees was a bonus.

2013 Black
Montee Ball Metal
AJ Green/399
K. Vaccaro/399
C. Wake/399
B. Mingo/49
Montee Ball JSY/299
Matt Barkley JSY Auto/299
BJ Daniels AUTO/199
ACE Sanders Auto/99
Vance McDonald AUTO/5 on card
This box was about what I expected. Didn't pay much for it and it was fun to break but not a lot special coming out of it. These cards sure do look sharp though.

Also did 1 2018 prizm blaster, (2) 2018 elite blasters and (2) 2017 R&S blasters
R&S JSY Jeremy McNichols
R&S JSY Taywan Taylor
Elite AUTO/199 Jalyn Holmes
Elite AUTO/49 Dorance Armstrong
PRIZM AUTO Hyper Green Leighton VanderEsch
The VanderEsch was a nice bonus to the day

Overall a fun day of breaking. Most of the cards will be for trade as I'm loading them into my org.
Nice breaks!

Any TJ Hockenson for trade by any chance?

I see you collect Lions so I'm guessing not, LOL
(04-30-2019, 05:50 PM)rjcj2017 Wrote: [ -> ]Nice breaks!

Any TJ Hockenson for trade by any chance?

I see you collect Lions so I'm guessing not, LOL
No Autos unfortunately. I did get an extra Game Day insert of him though.
Sounds like fun
Nice hits!