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Full Version: More new stuff
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I think I have successfully overcome my need to break boxes by looking at my PC and picking out specific sets or subsets to finish...I do not think I will buy any more boxes of Panini stuff until their product releases are consistently better.

I say that because I found some nice Press Pass stuff that fits my collection:

[Image: 2010-press-pass-five-star-paramount-piec...tewart.jpg]


[Image: 2010-element-finish-line-checkered-flag-...tewart.jpg]

I like the Four Wide cards, even though they are more like a Panini premium card than a Press Pass one:

[Image: 2010-press-pass-four-wide-sheet-metal-fw...tewart.jpg]
[Image: 2010-press-pass-four-wide-tires-fwts-tony-stewart.jpg]

I am not sure I want to attempt another year of Showcase, but I got this:

[Image: 2011-press-pass-showcase-elite-exhibit-i...tewart.jpg]

I picked up a couple of 2013 Ignite Autos that I needed, as well:

[Image: 2013-press-pass-ignite-ink-black-iits-to...wart35.jpg]
[Image: 2013-press-pass-ignite-ink-red-iits-tony-stewart5.jpg]

And a couple 2013 RedLine, as well:

[Image: 2013-press-pass-redline-signatures-holo-...wart10.jpg]
[Image: 2013-press-pass-redline-signatures-gold-...ewart5.jpg]

I am redoing my weebly website, and a bunch of my PC stuff will be on display soon.

Very nice additions..
Sweet additions Tom! I've actually done more trading than buying lately. I do want a box or two of 2019 Victory Lane, but probably not until July or August when the price goes down.