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still requiring 2 logins. Randomly was fixed 1 time a few days ago...or i was just too annoyed to notice the 2nd attempt at the time lol
I re-created the issue for tech and they are working it. I will update when they update me
(04-13-2019, 10:09 AM)floydtown Wrote: [ -> ]I re-created the issue for tech and they are working it. I will update when they update me
Great, thank you - it is still happening to me and it is very frustrating.

Does anyone have any idea how long it is going to take to fix this problem of Logging In TWICE! I find it very difficult to believe that this problem continues - WOW???????
They didn't say how long, just that they would lmk when fixed
GRRRRRR! My patience is really wearing thin. I use Beckett constantly during the day and having to LOGIN Twice is getting very - very frustrating. How difficult can it be to fix what has to be a mistake someone made in programming? Am I the only one in all of Beckett having this problem???SadSadSadSadSadSadSadSad
Still Happening???? Am I the only one having this problem. This only started happening in the last couple of months and it is extremely irritating. Every time you move from ORGANIZE to TRADE or SEARCH or BACK AND FORTH, you are being logged out over and over again - GRRRR###@@
I know what the solution is - clear your browser cookies. This is the only site that requires you to continuously clear your cookies. That is a terrible solution as you also loose all the information for other sites and have to re-input saved information. We did not have this problem before - and now it seems to happen non-stop. Someone tell me that I am the only Beckett Customer with this problem I will believe it is an issue at my end. But ---- I do not have this problem on any other site but the Beckett Site - Why???
I'm not having this issue anymore.
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