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Full Version: 2020 NASCAR Schedule - Oh My!
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Huge shake-up with the 2020 schedule. I'm not always so gung-ho by changes that NASCAR makes, but this one - oh, my, I am not sure they can make it any better.

Let's start at the end. Goodbye Homestead, hello Phoenix!

May Martinsville race will be a night race! Seriously, about the coolest thing.

Some kind of double feature in Pocono over a Saturday and Sunday...what is that? I am not sure, but it sounds interesting.

The last four races of the regular season, which come after a two week hiatus, are Michigan, Watkins Glen, Dover, and the regular season finale is Daytona. Daytona, the cr@pshoot...anybody can make the playoffs, what have you got to lose? Wow?

And the Playoffs? Well, besides Phoenix, the three Cutoff races are under the lights at Bristol, Charlotte, and Martinsville...

I must say, I like it - a lot!
So both Martinsville races will be at night?? I sure hope the track has put up more lighting in the south side parking lots. Those are all-grass and very hilly. If it's not lit up well, they'll have lots of people getting hurt by falling down (esp. the older fans).
I'll have to check out the schedule now. Sounds like a big shake-up. I can't believe they are moving the 2nd Daytona race though. I doubt that makes it past one year as being the season finale. I don't think the drivers will like that. That's pretty much the same as when they had 'Dega as a cutoff race in the playoffs.

After checking it out in detail, here's my EDIT:

I like the big shake-up, but there's a few things I don't like. #1 is definitely Daytona ending the season. I do like it being part of the new 4-race bracket to finish the season, but I think they should switch it with either Dover or Michigan. I like that they will end the regular season with 4 completely different types of tracks. I also like that they moved Atlanta to after the West Coast run at the beginning of the season and that Homestead moves into the early spot Martinsville had been in. I don't like the timing of that Martinsville race though - Saturday night before Mother's Day just isn't a good fit (at least for me being able to attend it). I wish they would just make that an OFF weekend, especially after dropping Father's Day as an off weekend. I also don't like back-to-back off weekends in July/August. I really like the season ending one week earlier, but we'll see how it goes with that double-header at Pocono (Saturday and Sunday of the same weekend). And the Brickyard 400 replacing the July Daytona race is probably the best fit for the changes they made.

Lastly, I'll need a start time to determine how I feel about the Fall Martinsville race being a night race. If it starts under the lights, not good. But if it starts at 3pm like when I was there in 2017 and runs into the darkness, I'll be fine with that. I'd even be fine with it starting any time no later than 5pm. As long as it can end by 9pm, I'll be happy to go to the race without anyone suffering the next day at work.
The two weeks off in July this year are because of the Olympics, i think...i do not think ot will be like that in 2021.

I think i like Daytona as the season that time, everyone who should be in the Playoffs is in already, so they might as well close the season out with a race that really is an opportunity for anyone to win.
I didn't think about the Olympics next year. So I understand the 2-week break now. I do know from a constant Martinsville attendee that the Spring race in 2020 will be a true Saturday night race. The Fall race will still start around 3pm and finish under the lights. I can deal with that, so I'll probably go to the Fall race again in 2020 (still planning to go this year too).
Cant wait to the daytona cup off race