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Full Version: Anyone here wanna talk about NCAA basketball?
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Just wondering how many of you follow college basketball. I've been pretty tied-up the past 3 nights with the ACC tournament. Lucky for me that it paid off as Duke won the ACC Tournament Championship tonight over Florida State.
Duke beat 2 of the 3 ACC teams that beat them in the regular season to get to the title game. They beat Syracuse on Thursday (the 1st ACC team and 2nd NCAA team that beat them - Gonzaga beat them in a Holiday Tournament around Christmas). Then Duke beat UNC Friday night (after UNC won over Duke twice in less than 3 weeks while Duke's star player was injured). VA Tech was the only other team to beat Duke, but also while Zion Williamson was injured. NC State beat VT in a miraculous come-from-behind win on Thursday, but then lost to Virginia (the ACC regular season champions). FSU knocked off UVA by 10 points on Friday night, after losing to them by 10 in the previous match-up. Duke beat UVA twice in the season and won at FSU earlier in the season by about 10. Duke won tonight by 10, but it should have been at least 13 points. They took a shot-clock violation on their final possession and let FSU hit a 3-pointer on the final possession of the game.

Duke has played in 33 of the 66 ACC Tournament Championship games and tonight was their 21st title won. Coach K has won 16 of the 21 ACC Tourney titles for Duke University.

The ACC should have three of the four #1 seeds for the NCAA Tournament with overall-ranked #2 UVA, #3 UNC and #5 Duke. FSU and VT were ranked #12 & #15 before the tourney. They'll get into the NCAA tourney. Other ACC teams that should make the big tourney are Louisville, Syracuse and NCSU. Clemson might get in there too, but I doubt the other 6 teams make it. Most of those 6 might not even qualify for the NIT tournament.

I also caught the end of the Pac-12 Tourney Title game while typing this. Oregon (the 6th seed) beat down #1 seed Washington by 20 points. That was crazy. They might go a few rounds into the NCAA tourney.

This is one of my favorite times of the year for sports: early in the NASCAR season, NCAA Tourney kicking off, MLB prepping to start the season, and tons of off-field activity for the NFL leading up to the draft in late April. Anyone can see why I don't have time to think about (or even care about) the NBA and NHL playoffs that are looming.
Lucky for Duke Zion is back, and I think virgina will be tough I sorta pay attention now but not as in depth as you or most. Thats all I got haha
I follow Duke closely, as well as keeping up with the other NC schools and ACC schools. I don't really follow the rest of the NCAA except knowing who's in the Top-25 each week or two. As the NCAA Tourney bracket was released, the new Top-5 was Duke, Virginia, UNC, Gonzaga and Michigan State. It was obvious that Duke would move back to the #1 spot since the other 4 all lost somewhere in their League Tournaments. I still haven't filled out my ESPN bracket yet. I'll do that later today. As usual, I'll pick Duke to win it all. This will be my 10th or 11th time filling out one, but I was right about Duke winning twice (2010 and 2015). I feel stronger about their chances this year than I have since 2015.
I still can't believe that NC State and UNC-Greensboro missed out on the NCAA Tourney. At least both ended up as high seeds in the NIT. NCSU won over Hofstra tonight by 8. Hofstra has a guy averaging 29.8 PPG though. I don't think any NCSU player averaged more than 22 PPG. NCSU was just a see-saw team all season though. They'd beat a really good team and then get whooped by a nobody. They have had no consistency this season. I was pretty much on it with my OP as 7 of the 9 teams I mentioned got into the NCAA Tourney. Only 4 NC schools got in this year but all of them are in the same quarter-bracket except for UNC. But there is a chance that we could finally see Duke vs. UNC for the National Championship. That is something that North Carolinians have wished for since the start of the NCAA Tournament. Somehow, I have no faith in that happening. It never has before b/c all of the times they were on the opposite sides of the bracket, one of them lost before the Final Four. Most of the time, they end up on the same half of the bracket and would have to take out the other to get to the title game.

I can't wait to see what happens at Duke after the Tournament though b/c that determines how good they'll be in the 2019-2020 season. I KNOW Zion is going #1 in the NBA Draft and I know that R.J. Barrett will get drafted in the Top-10. I'm not sure that the other 2 freshmen leave though. I don't think they've gotten the stats to get a 1st-round pick, so they might stay another year. If they do, Duke will be awesome again next year. They have 2 more Top-10 high school prospects coming in for next season. Pair them with Tre Jones at PG and Cam Reddish at PF and Marques Bolden back at Center, that's a good team. And they still have depth with experience on the bench. The only senior on this year's team is a guy I'd never heard of until the past week. Jack White and McConnell will be back as the tall white guys that can block, rebound AND drop 3's when they need to do so. As awesome as Zion has been all season (and he's a freakish athlete for ANY sport), I can't wait to see what the team does without him next year.
"Certainly Duke is Duke...they are on TV more than Leave It To Beaverrr re-runs."

If you don't know where that is from, look up Pete Gillen Duke is Duke on Youtube.

I am in a big March Madness bracket game, five entries, and I have Duke, Duke, Michigan, Kentucky, Michigan St. to win it.
I only have one bracket this year. I have Duke winning it all by 4 over UNC. I put all the 1 seeds in the Final Four. Three of them have been in the Top-5 all year and UNC has constantly gotten better throughout the season. I have Duke beating Mich. St, Texas Tech beating Michigan and UNC beating Kentucky.
BTW, Duke and UNC have NEVER met in the NCAA Tournament. Every Duke or UNC fan that I know has wanted to see that match-up for the title all of their life.
My bracket:
Round 1 - Day 1 = 13-3

I started the entire bracket with a loss as #7 Louisville lost to #10 Minnesota. But it got better with several more correct picks before the next miss. Of the 4 upsets, I got 1 right and missed three. I picked #10 Florida over #7 Nevada correctly. I also missed the picks for #12 Murray State and #9 Baylor winning their games. The ACC is now 1-2 with FSU winning and Louisville and Syracuse losing.

I picked 2 more upsets for Friday, so we'll see how that goes. #9 Washington and #12 Oregon are those 2 picks. There are 4 more ACC teams playing today and I picked all of them to win. Three of them are #1 seeds so my bracket gets messed up if any of them loses. All of my Sweet 16 are still alive after Day 1. I hope it stays the same after Day 2.
My bracket:
Round 1 - Day 1 = 13-3
Round 1 - Day 2 = 10-6 Round 1 Total = 23-9

Several upsets happened today that I didn't expect, but I got the 2 I listed yesterday right. Washington and Oregon both won easily. I missed upsets by #11 Ohio State, #12 Liberty and #13 UC-Irvine. I also got both of Friday's other 8/9 matches wrong and #10 Iowa over #7 Cincinnati wrong. #6 Iowa State losing to #11 Ohio State takes out the ONLY Sweet Sixteen team in my bracket so far. That is actually the ONLY game I got wrong in the Midwest bracket. That's also the only future match-up busted right now and I had IA ST losing to #2 Kentucky in the Sweet Sixteen anyway. I'm still at nearly 72% correct for Round 1 and 15 of the final 16 are still alive.
My ucf knights almost knocked off duke !!!!!
(03-24-2019, 08:20 PM)alstott9adams Wrote: [ -> ]My ucf knights almost knocked off duke !!!!!
That was SO CLOSE!!! Duke kept trying to keep the giant off the court. I'm sure that was the difference. Fall was keeping UCF in the game any time he was on the floor. When Duke started driving right at him, they got him to foul them. Tacko Fall may not be a "great" basketball player, but he's big enough and athletic enough to make a mess of another team's plans. He gave Duke more than they could handle in the middle of the court and then Aubrey Dawkins just kept hitting shots. Aubrey is an awesome player! UCF should be happy with the way they played against the best team in the country!!!
My last post didn't update my bracket results. And for those that didn't see the Duke vs. University of Central Florida game, the "giant" I mentioned is Tacko Fall at 7'6" and one of the 40 tallest people alive today. He can dunk the ball with a slight hop upwards!!!
I am currently 35-13 in the 48 games. Not a bad percentage, but I picked 12 of the 16 remaining teams. Most of my misses were in the #3 vs. #6 match-ups. I only picked #3 Texas Tech to make it to the Sweet 16, but all four of the #3 seeds made it. My 4th miss was picking #4 Kansas over #5 Auburn. I DID pick #12 Oregon to make it to the Sweet 16 though. I don't see them beating #1 UVA this weekend. And all of my Elite 8 are still dancing! I hope that trend continues later this week.
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