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Full Version: Going 2 for 2 on Contenders boxes with Trae Young autos
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I've bought a lot of Contenders this season. Two of the many boxes I bought so far had Trae Young autos and in those boxes the second auto was of a NBA Champion Point Guard. For the first Trae Young RC on card auto box my second auto was Kyrie who won a championship in Cleveland. It is a serial #'d 11/25 which is his jersey # with Boston. Then in the other box I pulled a Trae Young Playoff Ticket auto. The second auto in that box had a Chauncey Billups 1/10 auto card. Chauncey wore the #1 for the Pistons.

Anyways I don't think Panini would purposely pair the second auto to be jersey#'d. I guess it was just a lucky coincidence. Smile
Nice pulls. Grats!