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Full Version: I found Press Pass packs at Target!
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I needed to go to Target today and was planning to get a 2019 Donruss blaster while I was there. Before I found those blasters, I found new racing re-packs from Fairfield! I didn't expect that but I got one anyway (plus a Donruss blaster that I'll post later). It was 10 packs and a "Bonus Item" for $12.99. Only one pack is somewhat visible inside the boxes. I looked at all 8 or 9 of them and picked one that had an '09 Stealth pack showing. Most were showing flagship packs but one was showing Eclipse. So here's what I got from the total of 90 cards:

The Bonus Item = 2013 Total Memorabilia Memory Lane insert #4 (a Gordon card I needed!)

2009 Stealth retail = 4 PC driver base cards (already have all) and a Carl Edwards Mach 09 insert card

2011 Element (2 packs of 6 cards) = 9 base cards (4 I have);
Red parallel: Martin's car (have), Brian Ickler
High Octane Vehicle: #1 JJ (already have)

2011 Press Pass = 8 base cards (2 PC cards were the only ones I already had)

2011 Premium (2 packs of 5 cards) = 8 base cards (5 I had, including 3 PC drivers)
NASCAR HOF Blue: #120 Pearson
Crystal Ball: #9 Kyle Busch (PC need!)

2013 Press Pass (2 packs of 8) = 15 base cards (only 3 I didn't have, but 1 is a PC Dale Jr. - 5 other PC cards I already had)
Racing Champions #3 Tony Stewart

2014 Press Pass = 7 base cards (didn't have any cards from this pack - added a Dale Jr. to the PC and got an Allgaier CRC)
Gold parallel: #55 Regan Smith

Last but not least - a 2017 Panini Donruss Fat-pack (30 cards)
Base (27 cards): Only 2 that I didn't have - #75 Allgaier & #137 Dale Jr. (PC) {6 of the dups were PC drivers though}
Gold Parallel: #27 Tony Stewart SN276/499
Phenoms: #5 Daniel Hemric
Top Tier: #3 Keselowski

While there were lots of cards I already own, it was fun to break some Press Pass stuff again. And I got a few new PC cards I needed and some good traders. It was definitely worth the $14 (after tax). Everything is in my ORG now. LMK if you need anything I have.
The more Panini stuff that I open, the more I really miss Press Pass.

A nice blast from the past, Adam...not a bad break at $14
I miss Press Pass so much too! Even when they were going downhill, they were making better products than Panini has so far.
I miss press pass