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Full Version: Anyone interested in 1991 Maxx/Traks Factory sets?
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I have one 1991 Traks factory set for sell or trade and FOUR 1991 Maxx factory sets to sell or trade. I also have a bunch of the 1991 Maxx Update set available. All are still sealed. LMK if you have any interest.

[Image: 32374063357_55ee57e631_z.jpg]

[Image: 32374063387_1993011854_z.jpg]
I actually had one more of each set available but I'm keeping those two. I busted one of the Maxx sets and put it in pages in an album. The packaging wasn't in great condition, so that's why I busted that one. I am keeping the 2nd Traks set in its sealed form. I still have everything listed above to sell or trade.

I also have 2 sealed hobby boxes of 1991 Pro Set to sell/trade. There is a chance for a Bobby Allison Autographed card (PR1000) and/or a Winston Cup trophy hologram card (SN5000) in the Pro Set boxes. You can see what I pulled from the 3rd hobby box I was holding in the Box Breaks section. I also have some boxes of 1992 Pro Set, Maxx Black and Maxx Red for sell or trade.