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Full Version: 2019 RFFG - Week 4 - STANDINGS
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Ryan blaney
Brad k
I'll take Chase this week.
switching to larson
I forgot to mention the Daylight Savings Time change tonight! I'm usually on top of that. I'm writing down the picks right now. A little behind, but check the Box Break threads to see why. Good luck on the race picks everyone!
That's a LOT of picks for BK!!! SO... we have 3 for BK, 3 for KH, 2 for Chase and one each for Larson, Blaney and Rowdy. Who wins the battle b/t a bunch of Fords and Chevys and a single Toyota? Phoenix has a name for being a drought-breaker, so I'd love to see Jimmie end his win-less streak today. I'd be thrilled with that outcome, even though I didn't pick him. He was strong in final practice (as were all HMS cars). I can't wait for the race, but I seriously hope it's more interesting than the NXS race was on Saturday!
Well that but that's racing right!!!
(03-10-2019, 09:27 PM)kevinr Wrote: [ -> ]Well that but that's racing right!!!
It didn't suck for me. Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

That was actually a more entertaining race than I thought it would be.
So here's where our drivers finished and the new standings:

1st - Kyle Busch (16SP)
3rd - Blaney (10SP)
6th - Larson (5SP)
9th - Harvick (9SP)
14th - Elliott (4SP)
19th - Keselowski

1. wsc - 169
2. kev - 158
3T. dun - 157 (tiebreaker 1 win)
3T. kd80 - 157
5. spaz - 142
6T. csc - 134 (tiebreaker one 2nd place)
6T. lead - 134
8. pbo - 119
9. a9a - 105
10. jas - 95
11. stel - 58
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