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New here and look forward to the board and chat. Extreamly new to collecting nascar cards, not to the sport. It just hit me one night a few weeks ago and so it begins! So I welcome any advise or whatever you like!

Welcome! There is a small group of us on the NASCAR thread but we have a good time. If you are interested check out the weekly NASCAR game that Spazmastic runs. It doesnt take a lot of time but it is fun.

What kind of collecting are you doing? Particular drivers? Sets?

Welcome and my name is Nick
Welcome to the racing forum. Like Nick said weekly picks for race winners each week for points...Pretty cool stuff..
Welcome Stellar! We ARE a small group, but we are all dedicated to watching and collecting NASCAR. We are also on a first-name basis here. I am Adam, but it's just as easy to type Spaz. Big Grin
I've been watching since the late-1980's. I started collecting the cards in 1991 when they first showed up around here. Then I stopped with NASCAR cards for a long time b/c I couldn't find them easily. I picked back up with NASCAR cards about 15 years ago and have been collecting hard since then. I also collect MLB and NFL cards and have been since 1987 and 1990 respectively.
If you have any questions about NASCAR cards, I usually either know the answer or can find it for you. Same thing for the Beckett website as a whole. Welcome to the forum and I hope you enjoy our little community here!
Oh, my first bit of advice would be to add something about you to your Profile page (at least your Preferences section). Adding a signature would help people know about you too. The "signature" is the area below all of our replies (like my JOHNSON nameplate).