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Full Version: 2019 RFFG - Week 3 - STANDINGS
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This week's race is on Sunday 3/03 @ Las Vegas - 3:30pm on FOX. The cutoff time to make or change picks is on Saturday 3/02 at 11pm EST. Here are the current standings:

1. wsc - 89
2. kev - 82
3. dun - 79
4. kd80 - 77
5. csc - 55
6. jas - 52
7. lead - 47
8. spaz - 43
9. a9a - 42
10. pbo - 40


I'd have to be crazy to not pick Kyle Busch this week (at least this early). So I'm going with Kyle for now.
Gonna stick with Chase Elliott start the season slow but will finish strong only 2 points ahead of last anyway
Give me Kyle Busch at his home track.
Are there odds on whether Chase Elliott actually finishes the race?

I really like the Penske Fords in Las Vegas - all three of them...

But I see Vegas as Martin Truex chasing down Kyle Larson.

So, give me the 19 Martin Truex Jr.
i'm going with Larson for now
I am going with Logano for this one.
Kyle Busch
Kyle Larson for me.
I am SO torn right now! JJ looked very good on Friday in practice and Qualifying. Kyle Busch did too. I'm torn b/t the hometown Rowdy and the all-time Vegas winner of JJ. Jimmie has finished Top-5 in a 3rd of the races he's run here, but Kyle is running the triple this weekend!!! I don't know if I should stick with my pick or swap it for JJ. I guess I need to see what happens later today to determine my choice.
The qualifying in Vegas was ridiculous...what a joke this sport is becoming. Let me tune in to watch 12 cars sit and wait to posture for position. Terrible, they look like buffoons .

I'm not even sure what the take away is...but I'm sticking with my thought that Truex tracks down Larson for the win...
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