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Full Version: 1992 Maxx Red hobby box
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Since I still have 4 of the boxes, I decided to bust one and complete a set for my collection. Unlike the Black box, these packs don't have a vintage card in each pack. So it is 36 packs of 14 cards for a total of 504 cards. The set is only 300 cards. I'll break it down by each 9-pack stack.

Stack #1 - No duplicates in the 126 cards.

Stack #2 - No duplicates in it or from stack 1. Have 252 of the 300 cards.

Stack #3 - ALL cards that I'd already pulled from 1 & 2. Still need 48 cards for the set.

Stack #4 - The first stack with duplicates inside of it. I pulled 14 cards twice, but all of them were cards that I needed towards to set. Also got the other 34 cards needed.

So I completed the set and have 204 duplicates. No triples were pulled! If I busted another box, I'm sure I could complete 2 more sets from it. The good news about the duplicates is that I got several Earnhardt's, Davey's, Mark Martin's and an extra Gordon. I'll be adding all cards to my ORG shortly.
Not bad congrats on the set Completeion
Thanks Mark. I can't believe I waited so long to bust one of them. I didn't know until I started adding the box to my OPG that I only had 6 cards from this set before now and all were Martin and Gordon.