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Full Version: 2019 RFFG (Racing Forum Fantasy Game) - Week 1 - STANDINGS
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We finally get to start a new season. The season premiere is always the Daytona 500 race. The race is on Sunday 2/17 @ Daytona - 2:30pm on FOX. The cutoff time to make/change picks is Saturday 2/16 at 11pm EST. Remember that everyone starts the season with 2 Free Passes to use for making or changing picks AFTER the cutoff time. I hope no one is using one for the 1st race though.

Here are the members currently signed up to play this year (but anyone else is welcome to join by making a pick in this thread):

corbins sports cards


Of course I have to go with Jimmie Johnson! I hope he starts this season off right with a 3rd D500 win.
I am going to take Kyle Busch for now.
Tempted to take a HMS driver, it looks like those four cars are awfully in sync...i expect a nice four car pack from the green...

But i thought the Penske cars looked pretty good in the Clash...

Honestly, the super speedway races are my least favorite races, and are the hardest to pick, because you just do not know when a little side draft will collect the field...just ask Paul Menard...

Bah, all said, no matter how i look at it, my gut says take the 11 - Denny Hamlin.

I will be there in person for my 31st straight daytona 500 and as always my pick will be

William Byron
I am gonna change my strategy up this year, but I am going with Logano for this first race... I am coming for you dunnere...........Smile

(02-12-2019, 10:29 AM)alstott9adams Wrote: [ -> ]I will be there in person for my 31st straight daytona 500 and as always my pick will be

I hope you have a blast again this year Mark! Let's hope for not even a chance of rain.
Martin truex jr
Thank you Spaz heading out to go to the xfinity race now so the kids can see there other favorite driver justin alligar with chase elliottt before the big boy tommarow
Paul Menard is my pick for the Great american race. Thanks
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