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Full Version: Auston Matthews blank back
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I have a 2016-17 O Pee Chee Retro Rookie Update of Auston Matthews I pulled that has a blank back. The dealer immediately put it into a protective case for me. I see there are 1-2 others on eBay from Canada that have been up for auction for over a year. Are these rare to anyone's knowledge and if so is it worth selling, holding on to for a few years or just another card in greater quantities than expected? Any info or advise is greatly appreciated as I am hoping I have something rare and worth selling. The eBay cards are going for up to $1900.00 and that would help pay some bills!! Thank you for any help.
I would say that if a card from a recent product is selling for $1900 and you only see a couple of other copies for sale, yes, it is rare.

(I'm not trying to be a smarta--, sorry if it sounds that way).

I always look at it this way ... if it's not a card that is important or meaningful to you (gift, PC, etc.), then by all means sell it.

Especially if it's going for that much and it can make your life easier as far as finances.

However, I also try to think in terms of will I ever see this card again if I sell it?

I.e., be able to buy it, trade for it, pull it again?

Of all the hundreds of thousands of cards I've sold, traded or donated away over the years, I can honestly say there's only a handful that I really wished I had back.

On the other side, there are some cards that are never leaving my family lineage (unless some great great great grandkid decides to sell them).