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Full Version: 2019 Racing Forum Fantasy Game sign-up UPDATE
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Who's in?
Once again, I will be running the Fantasy Game this year. We have had a lot of fun with it the past 5 years. PLZ post in this thread if you want to play again this year, or if you want to join this year. Anyone wanting to donate a prize should PM me and LMK what you want to donate. A scan or pic in the PM would be appreciated but is not necessary. A prize donation is NOT required to play the game. It would be much appreciated though.
This game is ONLY for the Cup Series starting with the Daytona 500. At the end of the season, the Prize List will be sent to the Winner. After that member picks their prize, the remaining list will be sent to the 2nd Place finisher, and so on until all prizes are gone. All prizes will be shipped from the member that donated it. If anyone has any questions, post them here or send me a PM.

Here are the rules:

#1. You can only pick one Cup Series driver per week. You will get the same points they get. There is no limit to the number of times you can pick any driver. I will not deduct points levied against a team or driver as a penalty for infractions. In the final race, all Stage Points a Championship 4 driver WOULD have gained will be added to the drivers actual score posted on NASCAR's website.
#2. The cutoff time for making your picks is usually 11pm Eastern Time on the night before the race. I will post a thread every Monday or Tuesday for everyone to make their picks for that weekends race including the cutoff time and date.
#2a. In the event of an unexpected circumstance (like we had with Tony Stewart in 2014 and Kyle Busch in 2015) where a driver will not be able to race, you need to get on Beckett ASAP and send me a PM with your new pick or at least make a new pick in the Weekly thread. You will not be charged a Free Pass in this situation where a driver can not or will not race. If you do not, you will get the points for the finishing position of the replacement driver. If there is no replacement driver, you will get ZERO points if you do not change your pick before the start of the race.
#3. If you make a pick and then change your mind before the cutoff time, you must make a NEW POST to change it. Do not edit your original post because I may not notice the change and this will cause confusion.
#4. Do not talk bad about any member or wish ill will towards any driver. If you complain about one member's driver taking out your driver, PLZ do so in a kind manner. I do not mind some friendly smack talk, but if you make the other member mad, apologize and move on. I do not want to see any arguing or bickering in this game. If you can't take some smack talk, do not do it yourself.
#5. HAVE FUN. That's what this whole game is about.
Finally, everyone gets 2 Free Passes for the entire season. A Free Pass can be used when you miss the cutoff time OR want to change your pick after the cutoff time. It MUST be made BEFORE the race is scheduled to start! Weather delays do not count UNLESS the race is postponed to the next day before the race ever STARTS. I do keep track of the Free Pass, so if you use one, remember it.
I will post the pick thread for the D500 on either 2/10 or 2/11.

UPDATE: With NASCAR's new DQ rule, I will follow them on that. If your driver fails post-race inspection IMMEDIATELY after the race, they will move to last place and only receive 1 point. All other drivers will move up one spot, gaining an additional point. This does NOT count any penalties made mid-week after the race. My scoring will stay the same as always in that case.
I'm in full time this year...Came in late last year.. Will also be donating a very nice prize package this year...
Ill give it a go again and donate a prize
I am in and winning this year and I got prizes to donate as usual
The defending champ plans on going back to back...

I will donate a prize...probably a sweet card that Adam will want. Smile
I am in!
ohh and I will also donate a prize.
Count me in again. I'll have prize as usual. Not sure what yet but got all season. LOL
With the new rules nascar came out with I see alot of changes to points this year!!!
Hey guys hope everyone is doing well, I am in as well and will donate also.
Updated the OP to follow NASCAR's new disqualification rules. Please read it at the bottom of Post #1.
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