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Full Version: mark jackson card
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what is with this mark Jackson card 1990-91 hoops #205 it looks like a regular base card what is so special about this card
It is a regular base card. It's value shot up as someone recently spread the news that the Menendez brothers (murdered their parents and went on a spending spree) are actually in the background of the card. Funny thing is that this was known back in 1991 when the card came out, but people weren't paying a premium for it back then. However now that most common cards from that era are in junk boxes when a person brought it up recently the hype got national media attention and people (typically non-collectors) went on a buying spree. Since it was a common card from that era not many were listed for sale online, thus the demand outweighed the supply and big sellers started raising their prices. I am still SHOCKED that Beckett actually increased the book value that much. There is no way that the card can sustain the value, as the demand will start waning as more and more get listed and eventually it will drop way back down. But for those that can sell it now, congrats to them. It's not often that non-collectors drive prices up like this for previously unwanted junk era commons.
I can't even begin to imagine how many copies of that card I have had at some point, and then donated/sold/purged all of them.