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Full Version: 1990 Maxx Glossy
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Adam, I am sure you know this. 1990 Maxx has a glossy version. Do you know how they initially distributed that version of the product?
It was a factory set issued in a tin box.
Thanks, and welcome to the site.
Tim is correct. Good to see you back Nick. You haven't posted anything in a while.
Yes, I have been a little MIA. We have been working on some projects around the house. They have been cutting into my free time. I am trying to get them done before the 500 so they aren't cutting into my NASCAR time.Smile

I have also been looking for new outlets for collecting. I had a couple of shops near me and there was a monthly card show I would attend. However, the one shop is closing this month, and the card show is no longer going to be every month. This is going to force me to find some new card collecting outlets. I would occasionally buy online but it wasn't my favorite way to collect. I think I am going to need to do more of that moving forward.