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Full Version: Non-Sports pricing on line guided
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This Post is about Beckett Non-Sports pricing on line guided. I have been using Beckett pricing guides for sports cards from 1980 at trading card shows. When Beckett started with non-sports I thought that the non-sports pricing guide would be like the sports cards. I have come to find the lack of description information is very bad also finding non-sports cards are very hard. If I was looking for Star Trek or Star Wars it is ok still no description. What Beckett needs to do is have a project were the customer can get description information and print runs for non-sports. Maybe Beckett needs to look for non-sports pricing guide book and in-put that information into there on-line pricing guide.
Why even use it? The Walking Dead cards are priced the same for the whole set. Rick Grimes is the same price as Enid. Darryl the same price as some guy who lasted one episode. Negan same price as one of the Oceanside women. Same with the inserts. Beth same price as Otis in Sacrifices. etc. etc.