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Full Version: Another 2018 Phoenix and 2018 Score
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Picked up another box of 2018 Phoenix and a hobby box of Score 2018.

2018 Phoenix:

I had only one duplicate base and that was an Aaron Rodgers so I'll take that.

Color Burst Hot Pack:
Allen Hurns (ouch I wonder if he will ever play again)
Jared Goff
Michael Gallup RC
Ronnie Harrison RC
Unmatched Odell Beckham Jr.

Red /299:
Allen Hurns
John Kelly RC
Brakton Berrios RC

Pink /199:
Matthew Stafford
Rashard Evans RC

Purple /149:
Lamar Jackson RC
Kyle Lauletta RC

Orange Aaron Rodgers /99
Yellow Marquez Valdes-Scantling RC /75

Adrenaline Rush Antonio Brown
Agility Pink Ezekiel Elliott /149
Most Valuable Aaron Rodgers
QB Vision Matt Ryan
QB Vision Philip Rivers
QB Vision Red Baker Mayfield /299
QB Vision Pink DeShaun Watson /199
Unmatched Larry Fitzgerald

250 Points (Thanks Panini)
Rookie Jersey Auto DJ Moore /299
Veteran Materials Yellow Aaron Rodgers JSY /25
Black Printing Plate LeSean McCoy 1/1

Second Phoenix box, Second 1 of 1, I'm probably going to get a third to see if my luck holds

2018 Score:

Buying 1 hobby box gets about 80% of the base set with no dups

Brandon Williams
Kyle Long
Aaron Rodgers (he's the players of the day for these breaks)
Allen Robinson
Paul Richardson
Dallas Goedert RC

Gold Rush Antionio Gates /50
Artist Proof Rishard Matthews /35
Artist Proof Joshua Jackson /35
First Down Trey Flowers /10

Nothing real fancy just the usual stuff

150 points (Grrr...)
Rookie Autograph Denzel Ward
Rookie Autograph Kalen Ballage
Gold Zone Rookie Autograph J.T. Barrett /50

Any info/advice on the Panini points would be appreciated, I never got them before.

Congrats on the box breaks, got some real nice stuff out of Phoenix. As for the points, check out the website before you redeem them to see if there's anything you are interested in. It's mostly not super great but there's certain stuff there you can redeem for 400 points. It's annoying that shipping is factored in...
You can search by team, player or sport on the Panini Rewards website ... they don't usually have current products available but do have a pretty deep selection of players, past and present, on the site.

I've used the points for a lot of somewhat obscure PC stuff.

And yes, the shipping is beyond annoying ... should be illegal, in fact.

In a nutshell:

"We couldn't insert any actual autos from this specific product in the box, despite what it says on the box, but here are some points toward cards that are not actually in this set, and you will have to pay extra for not getting what you paid for."
I did see 2 Ray lewis Mem cards I don't have so I'll use them for those. I hope I don't get any more because there is nothing else I see I would want on there
I went to the mailbox today and opened a package I thought was a recent trade. It was the two Ray Lewis cards I spent the points on... *feints* *thud*
Apparently blowout buys points now too
Good to know because there is nothing else I want there
(02-01-2019, 06:40 PM)Jquinn83 Wrote: [ -> ]I went to the mailbox today and opened a package I thought was a recent trade. It was the two Ray Lewis cards I spent the points on... *feints* *thud*
I can't tell if you're excited or not?

One thing I'll say for the points program, they do ship pretty quickly.
Not bad I have the points cards as well