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Full Version: Just Wanted to say a huge Thank You
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Just wanted to say a huge Thank You to everyone I have traded with on this site. I just hit a huge milestone, My Edmonton Oiler card collection just hit over 16,000 different cards (that is listed in Beckett, I probably have another 50-100 that are not listed) The cards go back to the 1972-73 OPC with the WHA Alberta Oilers up until present. Also includes 1189 RC's, 1289 MEM, 790 AU, and over 3000 S\N cards.
With over 1300 trades on this site a big THANKS go to all of you.

Awesome stuff, that is a huge milestone. Here is to the next 1,000 cards in the collection and hopefully many trades on the site.
Simply amazing, Duane! Congrats on the massive milestone!

That is amazing. I haven't been active on the site for awhile not but I check in from time to time. I know we have made many deals over the years and so happy to see you hit that milestone. Unreal. Here is to hoping 17,000 will come quickly.
Congrats Duane. Hope you acquire another 16K
Wow, congrats on the big PC milestone !
(01-14-2019, 02:34 PM)mq13 Wrote: [ -> ]Congrats Duane. Hope you acquire another 16K
Only if I win the Lottery Big Grin
Thanks Guys, most appreciated.
That's a nice milestone. Congrats. We've had several trades previously, would like to help you anyway I can going forward.
Congrats! It's been a pleasure over the years!