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Full Version: 2009-10 ITG Between the Pipes Vault Edition
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First off, Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays! I've been attempting to locate some information and have been unable to do so, so I was hoping for some help.

I have been trying to add specific players to my PC and in the process have come across some cards for sale that are 09-10 ITG BTP Vault Version. I cannot find any details on this set/parallel. It appears that these cards are stamped with a V on the front but what exactly sets them apart? Are they a limited run? I am not seeing any differences in the card besides the V.

Thanks for the help!
These cards are from ITG Vault. Basically, after the company was sold, everything that was left in "The Vault" aka the stuff held back for replacement of damaged cards, were stamped with the "VAULT" logo and packaged into it's own product.

Here's a link to Beckett's article about it at the time:

Awesome! Thank you!

That makes a lot of sense. Knowing that those cards were actually "released" in 15-16 helped me find some additional info. If I'm reading it correctly, the cards that are stamped 1 of 1 were the only ones of those specific cards left in the Vault (even though many could have been part of the initial release)?
What I haven't been able to find is what the various color stamps represent; ie what's the difference between a black V and an emerald V ?