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Full Version: 2018 Panini Prizm base variation checklist
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After a bit of work, I have completed the info for the 2018 Prizm Base variation cards. These 10 cards were also produced for all 11 parallels of the base set. Since Beckett didn't bother to note them, here is the list of differences from the regular version:

#2 - Tony Stewart - VAR = SMOKE in nameplate; Bass Pro Shops firesuit
#5 - Jimmie Johnson - VAR = wearing helmet
#17 - Dale Jarrett - VAR = DJ in nameplate; UPS firesuit
#22 - Dale Earnhardt Jr. - VAR = DALE JR in nameplate; Mountain Dew firesuit
#23 - Carl Edwards - VAR = COUSIN CARL in nameplate; AFLAC firesuit
#25 - Rusty Wallace - VAR = RUSTY in nameplate; Genuine Draft firesuit
#37 - Terry Labonte - VAR = TEXAS TERRY in nameplate; B&W photo in Piedmont Airlines firesuit (for Hagan Enterprises)
#41 - Mark Martin - VAR = EPIC SWAG in nameplate; Valvoline/Cummins firesuit
#47 - Richard Petty - VAR = THE KING in nameplate; B&W photo with trophies
#49 - Kyle Petty - VAR = VICTORY JUNCTION GANG in nameplate; B&W photo in Mello Yello firesuit (for SABCO Racing)

I hope this helps anyone trying to complete a set or looking for any cards of these drivers. It's funny/odd how the JJ variation didn't have a nickname or even a different suit. It's just a different picture from a different angle with him wearing a helmet instead of a hat and sunglasses.
Great info thanks.
(12-27-2018, 04:20 AM)jasonyeager Wrote: [ -> ]Great info thanks.
Glad to help anyone who is interested in the set! I think Beckett has completely failed all NASCAR collectors (or Racing in general) b/c they never follow up on anything. They don't list a single bit of info about those 10 cards EXCEPT that there is a VAR card for them. Not one bit of info about what differentiates the base cards from the VAR cards.
Very true. I've noticed a lot of stuff in the passed 6 months alone...Crazy sad...
I hope the same situation doesn't exist in 2017 Select. I got a D&A gift card for Christmas. I mostly bought storage/shipping supplies, but I also picked up a box of 2017 Select b/c I never busted any of that product. Look for that break in about a week. PLUS, I have some Target gift cards that I'll spend on some 2018 Prizm blasters (if they still have any when I can get by the store).
Select ain't to bad for the money. Hopefully you do good on your break. I just purchased two case breaks of Larson. first break went good. 1 Auto S/N under 25. and a sheet metal S/N under 49.. Still waiting on the second case break. But seen a lot of decent pulls from first case over all.