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Full Version: Eric Bitz aka BuyNiceCards implicated in possible large scale trimming operation
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Unfortunately, I am passing this information as a concerned and disgusted member of the 'hobby,' as one of the largest players in the game has shown himself to have dirty hands.

This is a long standing thread over on the BO forums flooded with information (mods, I'm unsure if external links are allowed, if not please let me know). But I feel it's in the best interest of everyone, whether former or perspective customers of his, to be aware of this very shady string of behavior.

I shall paraphrase as best I can, as the thread is nearing nearly 100 pages despite being only under a month old.

I will stress that we do NOT know if Eric himself did the trimming on the 2003 Lebron James Exquisite RPA. But what we do know is that he used a third party to speak on his behalf, and told a boldface lie as to when he purchased the card and how he acquired it. His story and timeline was later exposed by a very thorough South Korean member who maintained the most extensive picture database of LBJ Exquisites for over a decade.

So we can say with not the least bit of uncertainty that Eric AT LEAST knew that the card was trimmed, as it was altered and graded while in his possession. We do not know if he himself did the trimming, or passed it off to a third party.

Summary courtesy of stellar member AbraCalabro:

AbraCalabro;14212196 Wrote:Alrighty, picking up from page 62. If you want to get caught up to events prior, see these posts:

Overall thread summary up to page 52
Summary of events regarding Lebron RPA 87/99 by rogermaris

For future reference, just in case something comes up, here is a post on card 13/99. As of current, there is no discussion on it, but just know it's here to look back on, just in case. Post by KhalDrogo, seller of 6 dollar cards.

Leading up to page 62, there was more discussion on 27guy, opinions one way or another have not changed. The names of two members who don't have anything to do with this were brought up, I will not mention them here. You will need to read through all that yourself, but it doesn't do much for the thread. A PBM, BoardsNDimes showed up and was banned rather swiftly, I have no idea what his previous user name was, will update if it's discovered.

- Trimmed Kevin Durant cards are brought up very briefly.

- mglevy125 posts screen shots of a Jordan autograph, previously graded as a BGS 9 with a 9 autograph and subsequently provides a newer screen shot of the cards current condition as a PSA GEM MT 10, in possession of BNC (Buy Nice Cards)/Ebitz/Eric. The card has been trimmed as noted and observed by numerous members. It is listed by BNC for a price of 14k. The autograph is faded and appears identical to the BGS 9 in the first screen shot. (You should go back to review Ebitz's post on page 26, he openly admits he is inclined to bump cards for a better grade all the time. If you can't put two and two together here, he is clearly trimming the cards, or having them trimmed to get the bump.)

- Page 63, Deadshot brings up screen shots of other cards. Two Jordan Century Legends Epic Signatures autographs, both hand numbered to 7/23. One of them listed on BNC's website as of current. The other is viewable via a past listing on worthpoint. Links to both are provided.
Additional post with another screen shot of the NON-BNC copy of the card 7/23:
These are clearly two different cards, the autographs are different and the serial numbering is very noticeably different.

- Wings posts this link and screen shot. The link leads to a worthpoint archive of a Lebron Number Pieces auto, 09/23. Note that the original seller's description is preserved and it states that the card could grade a 6-8 due to dents in the back of the card. However, when in BNC's possession, the card has been graded as a PSA GEM MT 10. Clearly shown in the screen shot.

- Another post from deadshot, links back to an earlier post showcasing a bump in grade on a Reggie Miller Exquisite Noble Nameplate. If you've caught on, the bump happened when the card fell into BNC's possession.

- On page 64, AlabamaSlamma with a slam dunk post. You remember the LBJ Number Pieces just mentioned? We now have a picture of the back, thanks to the tall man. Look at the post for yourself, a picture is worth a thousand words. No way this is a GEM MT 10. He provides links to both the earlier worthpoint archived listing and the other one that provides an image of the back.

- Page 65, it's mentioned that a social media account is made to create awareness about this debacle. If you use that platform, you should go support it. @beware.buynicecards

- Regarding the Jordan Century Legends Epic Signatures, an enthusiast of that particular set chimes in. There had been some back and forth on both signatures being ok and instances of repeat numbers on individual cards. Draw your own conclusions.

- At this point, more discussion on 27guy and his behavior, all the way up to page 69.

SUMMARY: A lot of evidence piles on top of BNC and further crushes his reputation. You can draw your own conclusions, but at this point, you either see he's up to no good, or riding the BNC train. Barring a miracle, it's game over.

- Page 69. buybuyMJ posts again. According to him, the NON-BNC copy of Century Legends Epic Signatures Michael Jordan 7/23 is 100% legitimate. Earlier claims that Sohrob was out of the hobby by a certain date are extinguished, as buybuyMJ posts evidence that Sohrob was still involved up to 2016, but appears to be out of the hobby currently. You should read this entire post for yourself.

- Discussion on MJ autographs / forgeries follows with images. Discussion on market manipulation, past events that have parallels to the current matter, grading companies and more discussion on 27guy also takes place. Discussion on BNC's actions and trimming also take place and none of it is outlandish, it's based on evidence provided and presented and discovered thus far, but hey, draw your own conclusions.

- We are now up to Page 74. Fifthdownsports returns regarding the supposed 250k sale of a Lebron RPA /99, with a screen shot of a bank check, with names blacked out. His diatribe in this post resembles BNC/eBitz/Eric's own from much earlier in the thread. The latter's post is on page 26. He essentially states that this thread is harmful to the industry. The whole think stinks, but read it for yourself. The picture of the bank check does not actually prove anything. Keep in mind the last verified sale on a /23 copy was 95k in BGS 9.5, it does not make sense that a /99 would suddenly jump to over double that amount so suddenly. (If someone can PM me the sales dates for each of these, it would be appreciated so I can update the post with this information to help future readers.)

- In the pages that follow, Fifthdownsports gets torched, a couple people believe he might be for real, but again, the bank check does not prove the 250k sale of the /99 Lebron RPA that he claims to have purchased.

- Page 77, member HenryLee chimes in and informs us that he has forwarded the thread to overseas hobbyist communities. Awareness of all that has been revealed is spreading.

-Discussion on BNC and Fifthdownsports' post continue. Members note that even if the bank check itself is real, it could have been used to purchase anything, or to purchase an entire collection, not just one card. Overall, the discussion does not look good for the parties involved in this whole scheme. It's a lot to summarize, but a lot of important notes are made, you should process the discussion for yourself when you have time.

- On Page 80, there is a quick review of evidence presented against BNC that implicates him in more than just trimming.
See these two posts:

There is also an image of a trimmed Jordan card from UD Pros & Prospects which is clearly trimmed, but was still graded as a BGS 9. The card does not belong to BNC.

SUMMARY: buybuyMJ returns with more evidence. Fifthdownsports returns parroting what BNC said, he gets torched. Most people don't believe his claims to legitimacy on the matter, few do. A member with international contacts to collector communities spreads the word of this thread. More discussion on 27guy, Fifthdownsports, BNC and what else might be going on take place. People suspect that there was a scheme in place to artificially raise the market value on this particular Lebron card (and that would naturally raise the prices on others), given the evidence and that BNC & friends have these cards stock-piled, that looks to be correct. Parallels from a ring of people who colluded many years ago to artificially increase another market can be seen. Draw your own conclusions.

- More discussion. Some people do not see a connection between Fifthdownsports and BNC.
However, there is a connection between them, how far it goes is unknown. Fifthdown sports clearly indicates they are connected though. Link takes you to another thread:

Also, through discussion, it seems that Fifthdownsports is wealthy, but again, the image of the 250k bank check, does not actually prove anything. Consider, however, why Fifthdownsports would be willing to have BNC broker deals for him when BNC has clearly been shown to be dirty? Why do they have posts that mirror each other in sentiment? You decide for yourself.

It is also revealed that at one point, BNC/EBitz/Eric and Fifthdownsports lived only 30 minutes apart, but have since moved further apart geographically.

- We're up to Page 84 now. Hot on the trails of the discussion about Fifthdownsports cards, the supposed 250k LBJ RPA /99 sale and involvement with BNC, KhalDrogo posts this interesting bit of information. If you haven't noticed it, feedback for the supposed sale on the card was left on the same day that the bank check for 250k posted by Fifthdownsports was issued. Read this post and see the screen shot:

Does it make sense that someone would leave feedback on a transaction of that magnitude before even receiving the card?

If I missed anything, or if I made any errors, please let me know via PM so I can update as needed.

Additionally, we have found a Kobe Bryant in his possession that was CLEARLY trimmed and purchased in a previous auction with stated chipping damage that had magically disappeared.

Also attaching the pics of the trimmed 2003 Lebron James Exquisite RPA BGS 9.5 #87/99 that will forever be attached to the name Eric Bitz and the buynicecards brand.

Wings;14215415 Wrote:Found another:

[Image: 1999-00-fleer-tradition-kobe-bryant_1_2f...8c29aa.jpg]

[Image: img_6627.jpg?v=1536392367]
[Image: fapjli.jpg]

[Image: vre9vk.jpg]

I urge everyone to spread the word, as this is massive fraudulent activity. And anyone that has done business with Eric Bitz and/or BuyNiceCards to inspect any of their previous purchases carefully. Especially if you're still within the buyer protection timeframe.

Any added information or stories are welcome. We're currently working to dig up any more questionable stuff in his inventory and sold listings.

Thanks for reading.
I will vouch for ninja. if you have the time, read the thread. if you have bought cards from BNC and suspect they are trimmed, post them online. BNC also has some big time Giannis cards that have been trimmed. again, its unknown if eric is doing the trimming. ofcourse, anytime youre a big time dealer and consigner, you will have cards like this leak through. were just seeing a pattern here. for a dealer that specializes in lebron exquisite rookies (six figure cards) its hard to play dumb and not know the history of the card.
I've never done business with Eric or Buy Nice Cards but I have a very hard time believing that he is involved in altering cards, supporting it, or even covering it up. His whole business is sports cards. Why would he participate in the most damaging aspect of our hobby? It is literally bad business sense. Is he that stupid? I'm being serious, can someone opine on his intelligence?

I understand that cards have been identified but isn't he one of the biggest dealers in the US? Tons of cards are altered and slabbed. He buys and sells tons of cards. Of course there will be some altered ones on his site. It's unreasonable to assume he does due diligence on every card he buys to make sure it was never possibly altered. Also, doesn't he consign cards for others? So could these not even be his cards?

As for him knowingly selling graded cards that have been proven to be altered, I think he is only guilty if one fact can be proven; that he trimmed the cards himself or bought the cards knowing that they are trimmed. If I bought a graded card in good faith, I would have no problem selling it how I bought it. It's unfair for me to have to take a huge loss because of someone else's fraud.

I look forward to the mature and professional remarks. Good day.