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Full Version: Snowstorm break and "fun" in the snow
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[Image: 45314445475_268b7fab7c_z.jpg]

1993 Finish Line - Retail Jumbo Pack box

Work will be hell tonight (after a company Christmas Dinner) and I probably won't get home until about 1am (vs. the usual 9pm on Saturday). But I will have Sunday off as usual and Monday off due to the snow (which is the reason for the long Saturday night). At least I know in advance this time. The last time we got snow like what is forecast for this weekend was Wednesday, January 17th last winter. Not enough warning then to prepare like this weekend. I couldn't go to work then b/c of the depth of snow (9in.) and I lost paid hours. I won't lose paid hours this time and I get an extra day off work.

I can't wait any longer to bust this box of packs and now is the perfect time.

I have an Australian collector looking for the complete Silver parallel set and the Davey insert set. I only need 33 cards to complete the Silver set and there are 60 of them in this box. I'm not trying to complete it for myself, just want to complete it b/c it's so close to complete. I also want to complete the Davey insert set for myself and hopefully have enough for another set to send to the other collector.

Stay tuned for the box break!
I had a great night at work, so I decided to bust a few packs when I got home. Before I get to the cards...

At the company Christmas Dinner, I was given a plaque "in appreciation for 18 years of outstanding and continuing service". I was really happy about that. There were 2 other plaques given to employees, but theirs were much smaller than mine (8x5 to my 12x9). Big Grin So I was in a pretty good mood when I got to work after that and rolled through my 1st account, finishing in way less time than I should have. So I came home for about a half-hour to give my granddad his meds and then off to my next account. I flew through that one too and got home 90 minutes before the snow actually started reaching the ground. Radar showed snow at 9pm, but it didn't reach the ground until 1:30am (while I was busting pack #3).

So back to the cards, I busted 5 of the 25 packs (top right stack in the picture). Pack 1 gave me 2 Silver's that I needed and an upgrade for the Allison set (plus 3 PC driver base cards). Pack 2 gained one more Silver I needed and 2 PC base cards. Pack 3 would have been a bust (only 1 PC card that I also pulled in Pack 1), except I got an Allison set card I needed. Pack 4 gained 2 more Silver's I needed and 2 PC base cards. Pack 5 was almost a bust but gained me one more Davey set card. So now I only need 2 more to complete the Allison 15-card set and 28 to complete the Silver set of 180. I'll bust some more during the day.
18 years with one company is a big is hard to do anymore. Congrats.

Nice to open packs and get stuff you need. Collecting goals...and your self control is amazing. I would have just opened them all, and then been overwhelmed and not want to log things in. It is why my collection is overflowing... Smile
(12-09-2018, 06:36 AM)dunnere Wrote: [ -> ]18 years with one company is a big is hard to do anymore. Congrats.

Nice to open packs and get stuff you need. Collecting goals...and your self control is amazing. I would have just opened them all, and then been overwhelmed and not want to log things in. It is why my collection is overflowing... Smile
Thanks Tom. Well, I had other things I needed to do and these packs take a while to open. Not only are there 23 cards per pack but they are all stuck together from being packaged so long. But I'm not having issues with any surface loss or other damage.
From a set standpoint, these next 5 packs are kind of a bust. I didn't need any of the Allisons, but a few were upgrades (I have some warped ones). I pulled one PC card each from 3 packs and 4 PC cards in each of the other two, including a 2nd Gordon CRC. I finally came across something that I knew was going to happen. I pulled 3 Silver cards from the same pack and it was an extra card. I only got 2 more Silver's for the set though (none from the 3 Silver pack).
FYI, my PC drivers in this set are Mark Martin, Jeff Gordon, Davey Allison, Ricky Rudd and Dale Jarrett.

OH, as for the snowstorm...
10 inches and still falling. It'll stop snowing soon. I had to go out and clean off the satellite dish before the Panthers/Browns game. At least the signal went out before the game instead of during it.
Much better 3rd stack of 5 packs. Pulled Allison Set card #5 so I only need #11 for the set now. Also pulled 1 that's an upgrade. I need 7 more to complete a 2nd set. I pulled 3 more Silver's for the set (still need 23). I also pulled 3 Silver's for my PC, as well as 13 base PC cards (some are dups).

EDIT: After adding the base cards from stack #3 to the cards from 1 & 2, I have completed a base set already. 10 more packs to go.
Hey, Adam, how about those Browns? We have a QB now, no more easy pickings...tough sledding in C-Town today, brother.
You hijacking my thread?

Just kidding! That was a good game though. Mayfield is certainly the best QB they've had in a looooooooooooooooong time, esp. for a player that they actually drafted. But Cam blew that game too. Another overthrow in crunch time and then another one that the Browns picked off. Cam is hurt and they need to just bench him. That's 3 straight games that HE cost the team a win. At this point, I'd be fine with the Panthers sitting him and giving Heinicke the starts for the rest of the season.


As for the break, I might have jinxed myself. Stack 4 is proving to be very difficult to separate. Pack one has 10 cards with surface loss on a corner (front and/or back) and sadly, King Petty and Rusty are two of them. Luckily, I was able to save the inserts/parallels. Even though I didn't need them for sets, I did get a Gordon Silver that I needed for my PC! Pack #2 was the same way. The Silvers and Allison aren't damaged but I don't need them. 11 base cards damaged in this one, including Martin, Gordon and Kulwicki. Pack #3 has no damage, but nothing I needed anyway, even the PC drivers. I think the last 2 packs will come apart more like pack 3. I do know that I won't have this problem with the last 5-pack stack. More to come.

Weather is starting to suck though. Freezing rain now... not good! I hope I don't lose power tonight. I just refilled an oil lamp in case and the kerosene heater was brought in from the garage before the snow ever started.
Now that all base cards will be dup's the only thing that still matters to me will be the parallels and inserts. Breaking down the final 5 packs...

#1 - Allison insert #2 (already have 2 of them), Silver #108 NEEDED and #114 R. Petty (good dup. to pull)

#2 - Payback for the 3-Silver pack earlier with only 22 cards and missing a Silver. But the Silver card was #121 NEEDED. Allison insert is #5 (needed towards set #2).

#3 - Another Gordon CRC (4th one pulled), Allison #2 AGAIN, Silvers = 2 crew chiefs I didn't need.

#4 - Looked like crap with no drivers, until the end. R. Petty #61 and Rusty W. #5 seem to always be together in packs in that order. Allison #3 AGAIN, Silvers = #65 & 170 NEEDED BOTH!

#5 - Crapped out with the last pack - Nothing I needed!

So I completed the base set (and maybe a second one), but didn't complete the Allison set, even with the cards I already had (still need #11). I also didn't pull all the missing cards to complete the Silver Series set. I got 14 of the 33, so I still need 19. I also didn't pull the Davey Hologram, but I didn't expect to as there are only 5000 of them.
I had my original numbers wrong for the Silver Series. I left out #17 on my needs list, but I did pull that one (Jack Roush). So I needed 34 and pulled 15. I still need 19 cards to complete it.
I was a little concerned when the weather turned to freezing rain, but it's just been regular rain for a while now as it finally got up to 32 degrees. The local power company has said that the wind is actually helping keep the outages down b/c it's blowing the wet and heavy snow off the lines and trees. The power hasn't even flickered here so far. As for the roads, I am not concerned for myself b/c I'm not going anywhere until Tuesday afternoon. I have plenty of food, water and beer to last me a couple more days. But my brother has to go to work tomorrow evening and my Mom is still in Wilmington. She might delay heading this way until Tuesday if the roads here are bad though.
If the power does go out, I have the kerosene heater and a jug of fuel, my stove is propane-powered and I also have a gas grill and plenty of oil lamps and candles to get me through until I can get back out on the roads. I also have all of my rechargeable batteries full to run flashlights/radios/etc. as well as a fully charged laptop and cell phone. You've got to prepare when they call for a foot of snow and that's exactly what I did (without spending any extra money too).

My dog is hating this though! It's TOO much snow for her. She can't really walk in it b/c it's so high. So she has to leap and bound like a deer and that just wears her out fast.

[Image: 45341186805_6f4f083575_z.jpg]

I do need to clean the snow/ice off my car tomorrow so I don't have to do it before work Tuesday.

[Image: 45341104685_f9354859f9_z.jpg]
Well looks like you got pounded with snow!!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures.... And Sounds like the pulls on the cards wasn't that bad in reality.. Could have been worse... And you still get the excitement on pulling what you need pack by pack... That is the part I like anyway...
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