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Full Version: 1992 Maxx Black Hobby Box
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Adam here is what I got....Simple break down of goods I suppose. and Hit one Very good one. Always enjoy looking at the wrecked cars on the old style cards..Wish they would let camera men go where every they wanted like the old days so we can pull nice wrecked cars in Present releases..

1988 Maxx:

#48 Mark martin RC
#54 Dale Sr. Car
#65 Greg Sacks
#87 HIT!!! Dale Sr. Champ Card

1990 Maxx

#30 Micheal Waltrip
#24 ken Schrader
#182 Bill elliott
#192 pettys
and 1 Rc

1991 Maxx

2 Dale Sr. cards.
Joe Nemechek RC

1992 Maxx Black

2) Jeff Gordon #29
1) Jeff Gordon #50

12) Dale Sr. $3 cards
2) Dale Sr. $1.25 cards.

Nice! You got the '88 Dale card too! You pulled the Gordon's opposite of my box. I got 1 of #29 and 2 of #50.

After my box and your box, maybe someone else will want this last box I have now. I'm tempted to tear into a Red box now and see if it helps me sell a couple of those.
Ya they have good stuff in them for the money.. That's only the second black box I've ever opned but worth it for sure.. Hopefully someone will purchase them...
Nice Sr hit
Thanks. It was a surprise for sure..