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Full Version: Black Friday breaks and Panini Packs - TWO 1/1!
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Avoided the rush in the morning, and stopped off at Dave & Adams Megastore in the evening (still plenty busy). I ended up buying the last (and VERY forgettable) box of Elements and one of the last boxes of Origins.

Here are those cards:

Elements (didn't both to scan)

Base Auto - Nvheim Hines - 84/199
Rookie Titanium Autographs - Kyle Lauletta - 022/125
Radioactive Rookie - Rashaad Penny - 054/125
Base - Von Miller - 45/75

Slightly better, Origins:


Definitely the best of the box, surprised it's not numbered :


Finally, the Black Friday packs. I sorely miss when Panini had the hockey license, I just don't have much space for other sports in my budget. I suppose in the end it was worth it, there are some really nice hits in the Black Friday packs this year!

First off, the sole unnumbered hit from the BF packs, wonder if there are different ink variations, this is gold ink:

Back lists this as an actual Game-Used football from Super Bowl LII!!

Now, the first of our TWO 1/1s from this excursion:

[Image: 104145_d0526b.jpg]
It's 2 NEW CARRS!!!!!!!!


24/25 and 1/1

And now, the star of our show, and the Grand Finale of this thread, :


SOLID adds to your collection dude! Eagles make for some nice patches. Also very much digging the game used ball card. I've got a set of game used mem cards, they are really cool. Well done!
Sicks hits. Are you looking to move the Elliott card?
Very nice!
Nice stuff ...I'm looking for the LeBron Black Friday Lakers base card, did you happen to pull that?


wow what a day congrats