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Full Version: Pack busting dilemma (Texaco packs) - FINAL
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I am STILL holding on to about 250 packs of 1992 Maxx Texaco Davey Allison cards. Each pack has 4 cards of a 20 card set. My dilemma is bust them all or sell as many as possible. I already have a few sets of this release, BUT there could be a Davey Allison AU card in these packs. There were 2,000 copies of card #1 signed by Davey. What would you do?

And then think about that again as a Davey collector who is only missing an AU card of Davey from the 16 drivers I collect!

I know the chances are slim, but there is still a chance that a Davey AU is in one of these packs. If I open all of them, I'm stuck with a TON of Davey cards of a 20-card set whether I pull the AU or not. If I sell the packs, I could miss a Davey AU for my PC. ? ? ?
I would open them....this is why. On the other site, 20 packs sold for $5 and that included shipping. Lets say you could make $5. Youre still only talking $65. Not to mention listing fees and selling fees. I just dont think its worth the time. Unless you put all 250 packs online and sold them as a lot. Maybe you could be done with it quicker and make a little more?
There is a box oof 500 packs for $25 and that includes shipping. Definitely bust them open.
Bust them
Adam, have you ever seen the Davey auto out of this? I spent a few minutes looking and I didn't find one. I was just curious what it looked like.
I would definitely bust those is way worth the chance at an auto, because you are going to get bupkis for them...
Definitely bust them.

And good luck!
(11-13-2018, 04:58 PM)wilsonsportscards Wrote: [ -> ]Adam, have you ever seen the Davey auto out of this? I spent a few minutes looking and I didn't find one. I was just curious what it looked like.
It is card #1 in the set and he signed them right across his chest. And yes, I have seen one before. Here is the regular card:
So far, 100% to bust all on here. I put a poll up on another site and 4 of 6 votes were open all. One vote was open half and 1 vote was other. The other suggested I open one for every pack I sell. That's the same as 50% to me. I also asked a friend a few weeks ago and he said he'd bust them all. So the total everywhere is 9 of 11 say open all the packs!
There is one other thing though. If I'm busting and hit the AU, I'm done and can sell or trade the rest of the packs. Even if there was a second AU in the packs, I don't think I'd risk it. I'm pretty sure packs would be easier to get rid of than sets.
I wouldn't be able to stand it I would have to bust them, so my vote is yeah bust them and let us know how it goes.
Bust them, bust them...........
I will soon. Been working on trying to get more of these excess cards out of here and sorting more of it. Plus dealing with the Fantasy Game Prizes.
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