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Full Version: 2018 RFFG - Week 36 - Final Race
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This week's race is the season finale on Sunday 11/18 @ Homestead-Miami - 2:30pm on NBC. The cutoff time to make or change picks is on Saturday 11/17 at 11pm EST.
The Free Passes Remaining list is in the Week 34 thread and still accurate. FP's can be used no later than 2pm EST on Sunday 11/18. Here are the current points standings:

1. dun - 1401
2. wsc - 1354
3. kev - 1264
4. spaz - 1254
5. kd80 - 1224
6. a9a - 1104
7. nick - 1094
8. lead - 1039
9. csc - 749
10. jy - 275


Good luck to everyone! It's been another fun season and I thank you all for playing this year (the 5th year of the RFFG). Let's keep it going again in 2019.

I'm going with JJ for now and I hope he manages to continue his season-wins streak. Two weeks after the race, Jimmie will be at a road course in Bahrain swapping cars with Formula1's Fernando Alonzo. JJ will be in one of Alonzo's F1 cars and Alonzo will be in Jimmie's backup car from the Roval race.
BTW, the F1 season finale is 11/25 in Abu Dhabi.
Chase Elliott wins the race

and I hope kyle busch or martin truex win the championship
Give me Harvick to win race and championship.
Well, i picked Harvick to win the Championship, and since he has, in 17 Homestead races, 15 top tens, 8 of them top fives, and 1 win, i think it is crazy to go with anyone else.

So, im taking Harvick to win the race a the 2018 Championship.
Kyle Busch
Adam, another fun year. Thank you for putting it together. I always enjoy it and Im looking forward to 2019. For the win and the championship Im going with Kyle Busch.
I'm also going with Kyle Busch for the win & title.
I'd like Martin truex or Kyle Busch win the championship, the underdog being logano. Put me down for Joey logano to win the race.
martin truex jr.
Picks are written down. Unfortunately, I have to work Sunday evening to get Thanksgiving Day off of work. I'll watch the race after I get home. I'll try to get the points posted earlier than usual. Hopefully Monday afternoon and I'll send the prize list to the winner as soon as I post the results.
If all of you can check in more frequently early in the week, we can wrap this up faster than last year. I'd like to have everyone pick a prize by Sunday 11/25 and shipped by 11/26. It all depends on how fast everyone replies to PM's from me!
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