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Full Version: Anyone need/want 1993 Finish Line cards or sets?
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1993 Finish Line Racing (by Pro Set) - 180 card set plus an unnumbered Alan Kulwicki Memorial card.

I have 8 complete hand-collated sets and can include the NNO Alan Kulwicki card for each of them. All sets are for sell or trade. I also have tons of singles if anyone needs any for sets or driver collections. LMK what you need.
I still have a bunch of these for sell OR trade. I haven't listed anything in my traders on here yet though. It's pointless if no one is interested in them. LMK.
USPS is raising shipping rates in January. So if any of you want any of these cards/sets, now's the time to save money on shipping.
I still have sets, but I listed all the singles in my ORG today.