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Full Version: 1 hobby box of '92 Maxx Black (Final Update)
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I couldn't resist any longer! I HAD to bust one of these. This is one hobby box of Maxx's 1992 5th Anniversary Edition Black cards. There are 36 packs of 14 cards. Each pack has thirteen Black 92's & one "vintage" Maxx card (1988-1991). I'm listing by pack but only the "vintage" card and anything good.
Here are the first 9 packs from the bottom-right corner of the box:

Pack 1:
1990 Maxx #173: Race #7 - First Union 400 (Cars on pit road inc. Mark Martin)
#28 Davey Allison
#11 Bill Elliott

Pack 2:
1988 Maxx #32: Richmond Fairgrounds Raceway
#44 Bobby Labonte
#280 Rusty Wallace (Year In Review - Race 19)

Pack 3 (Real good pack):
1989 Maxx #61 Rick Hendrick RC
#292 Davey Allison (YIR - Race 28)
#200 Mark Martin (Memorable Moments)
#100 Bill Elliott (Most Popular)
#284 Alan Kulwicki (YIR - Race 20)
#88 Ricky Craven RC

Pack #4:
1990 Maxx #76 Gary Nelson
#276 Davey Allison (YIR - Race 12)
#268 Ricky Rudd (YIR - Race 5)
#17 Darrell Waltrip
#264 Ernie Irvan (YIR - Race 1 @ Daytona)

Pack #5:
1991 Maxx #177 Geoff Bodine (YIR - Race 8)
#29 Jeff Gordon !
#202 Rusty Wallace (Mem. Mom.)
Regular cards of Shepherd, Schrader, Gant, Nemechek

Pack #6:
1991 Maxx #197 Alan Kulwicki (YIR - Race 27)
#2 Rusty Wallace
#6 Mark Martin

Pack #7:
1991 Maxx Update #9 Bill Elliott
#50 Jeff Gordon BGN ROY !
Two different Larry McReynolds cards

Pack #8:
1988 Maxx #64 Dave Marcis
#186 Tony Eury RC
3 different Davey Allison cards (190, 198, 278)

Pack #9 (another real good pack overall):
1989 Maxx #98 Chuck Rider RC (Bahari Racing Co-owner)
#274 Davey Allison (YIR - Race 10)
#294 Dale Earnhardt ('91 Champ) !
#270 Darrell Waltrip (YIR - Race 7)

THANKS for looking! I'll post the next 9 packs after I open them, and then 9 more, and then the final nine. Big Grin
It was one Davey Allison per pack...LOL. Darn near.

A couple Jeff Gordon cards is good.
Considering the JG's book for $8 and the Dale Sr. cards list at $4, pretty good first 1/4 of the box. I opened the next 9, but I'll have to type them up after work tonight. I'm liking the "vintage" card in every pack too. Makes the break a little more fun. Also, no duplicates in the first 9 packs.
2nd stack of 9 packs:

1st pack:
1991 Maxx Update #117 Donnie Allison
#5 Rudd
#65 Shawna Robinson (probably my 1st card of her ever)
#101 McClure Brothers RC

2nd pack:
1991 Maxx #199 Morgan Shepherd (YIR - #29)
#91 Bobby Labonte (BGN Champ)
#291 Davey Allison (YIR - #27)
#279 Bill Elliott (YIR - #15)
#195 D. Waltrip (Mem. Moments) !Spectacular photo!

3rd pack:
1991 Maxx #137 The Racestoppers
#141 A.J. Foyt
#145 Dale Inman
Not a single current (at the time) driver in this pack.

4th pack:
1991 Maxx #157 L.D. Ottinger
#233 Mark Martin (All Pro)
#239 D. Earnhardt/ R. Childress (YIR - #25) !
#281 Dale and Teresa Earnhardt (YIR - #17) !

5th pack:
1988 Maxx #83 Buddy Arrington
#85 Jeff Green RC
#273 Davey Allison (YIR - The Winston)
#265 Dale and Teresa Earnhardt (YIR - #2) !
#293 Mark Martin (YIR - #29)

6th pack:
1989 Maxx #61 Rick Hendrick RC (again)
#43 Richard Petty
#135 Cale Yarborough

7th pack:
1990 Maxx #72 Harry Melling (owner of Elliott's car)
#3 GUESS... Dale Earnhardt !
#203 Dale Earnhardt's car (Mem. Moments)
#7 Alan Kulwicki
Several Owner cards

8th pack:
1991 Maxx #215 Eddie Lanier RC (All Pro - engine builder)
#18 Dale Jarrett
#71 Dave Marcis

9th pack:
1991 Maxx #219 Kirk Shelmerdine (All Pro - Crew Chief)
#231 Dale Earnhardt (All Pro) !
#59 Patty Moise (my only card ever of her)
#42 Kyle Petty
a bunch of cards of non-drivers that we know like Hammond, Wingo, Petree and Mike Joy

The "vintage" weren't as good in this stack (mostly b/c the Hendrick was a double). There were no Gordon's but several Dale Sr. cards. Not a bad stack.
Now that I've blended the two 9-pack stacks together numerically, I confirmed something I thought I noticed while opening them. MOST of the 1st group were even-numbered cards and MOST of the 2nd group were odd-numbered cards. I still have NO DUPLICATES of 1992 Maxx cards.

Halfway through the box and only one card has been pulled twice: the '89 Hendrick RC - not a bad one to duplicate.

I'll open and post the next stack later today.
Top-right stack =

1990 Maxx #27 Rusty Wallace
mostly duplicates
#281 Dale and Teresa Earnhardt (YIR - #17)
#239 D. Earnhardt/ R. Childress (YIR - #25)
#85 Jeff Green RC

1988 Maxx #12 Brad Teague
more duplicates
#6 Mark Martin
#2 Rusty Wallace
#202 Rusty Wallace (Mem. Moments)
a bunch of owners

1989 Maxx #98 Chuck Rider RC (again)
mostly All Pro duplicates
#150 Larry McReynolds
#146 Steve Hmiel

1990 Maxx #1 Terry Labonte
#50 Jeff Gordon BGN ROY (the good kind of duplicate) !
#278 Davey Allison (YIR - #14)
#234 Larry McReynolds (All Pro)

1991 Maxx #45 Mike Beam
even though it's mostly duplicates, loaded pack
#274 Davey Allison (YIR - #10)
#294 Dale Earnhardt (91 Champ)
#94 Terry Labonte
#198 Davey Allison/ Dale Jarrett Cars (Mem. Moments)
#190 Davey Allison/ Darrell Waltrip Cars (Mem. Moments)
#186 Tony Eury RC

1991 Maxx #24 Mickey Gibbs
mostly nobody's
#11 Bill Elliott
#270 Darrell Waltrip (YIR - #7)
#266 Kyle Petty (YIR - #3)

1991 Maxx Update #1 Rick Mast
#28 Davey Allison
#201 Harry Gant's Car (Mem. Moments)
a bunch of owners

1988 Maxx Buddy Arrington (again)
#5 Ricky Rudd
#65 Shawna Robinson
#15 Geoff Bodine

1989 Maxx #209 Ben Hess RC
#233 Mark Martin (All Pro)
#141 A.J. Foyt
#145 Dale Inman
#57 Jeff Burton
I knew there was a stick of dynamite in this box. I was just waiting for it to explode from a pack.

Top-left stack =

Pack 1:
1991 Maxx Larry McClure
most if not all were duplicates
#43 R. Petty
subset cards of Martin, Allison, Earnhardt and Rusty

Pack 2:
1991 Maxx #65 Tommy Houston
#203 Dale Earnhardt's Car (Mem. Moments)
base cards of Marlin, Yarborough, M. Waltrip, B. Bodine

Pack 3:
1991 Maxx Update #85 Mike Alexander
I think I got several I need for the set, but no big names.
base cards of Earnhardt, Kulwicki, Dale Jarrett, Rick Hendrick

Pack 4: BOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1988 Maxx #87 Winston Cup Champion - Earnhardt and his Crew (BV $25)

the rest of the pack was nothing but duplicates and the best card was #42 Kyle Petty

Pack 5:
1989 Maxx #98 Chuck Rider (for the 3rd time)
mostly duplicates
#231 Earnhardt (All Pro)
#279 Bill Elliott (YIR - #15)
#291 Davey Allison (YIR - #27)
#283 Dale Jarrett (YIR - #19)

Pack 6:
1990 Maxx #27 Rusty Wallace (again)
all duplicates, best are
#271 Earnhardt (YIR - #8)
#91 B. Labonte (BGN Champ)

Pack 7:
1991 Maxx #20 Jimmy Hensley
several I need for the set
#31 Clifford Allison RC ! (he only has 13 cards before or after his death)
#35 Todd Bodine
#23 Mike Wallace
#27 Jimmy Hensley

Pack 8:
1991 Maxx Update #40 Tom Kendall
more that I need and many people I've never heard of
base cards of Irvan, R. Yates, J. Roush, K. Bernstein, Bud Moore, Eddie Wood

Final pack of the box:
1991 Maxx #217 Bobby Moody RC (All Pro)
more I need for the set
#19 Randy LaJoie RC
#68 Bobby Hamilton

BREAK OVER. I'll blend this stack with the rest and let y'all know if I completed the set and a final breakdown of the entire box.
So back in the day my dad would build the Maxx sets. As I recall, depending on the number of cards in the set, a single box got him well on his way. Very few duplicates.

!988 Earnhardt Championship card! Nice! If we can, I would like to try to work some trades. Nice box.
(11-05-2018, 07:42 AM)wilsonsportscards Wrote: [ -> ]So back in the day my dad would build the Maxx sets. As I recall, depending on the number of cards in the set, a single box got him well on his way. Very few duplicates.

!988 Earnhardt Championship card! Nice! If we can, I would like to try to work some trades. Nice box.
I thought of you every time I pulled a Sr. card. I have a bunch for you now. The 1988 card was almost exactly what I was hoping to pull. It's the most valuable regular card in the release. I could have only done better with some Myrtle Beach versions or other really rare cards. I didn't need a regular '88 for any of my drivers b/c I already have them.
So I was fooled a bit by the box. It said 14 cards per pack. I thought it was counting the vintage card, but it wasn't. So I got 36 more cards than I thought.
The box is actually 540 cards instead of 504.

Here's the breakdown:

I completed the 1992 300-card set and have 204 duplicates. Not a single 1992 card was pulled 3 times. I pulled 14 duplicates of drivers I collect (Martin, Gordon, Rudd, Davey A. and D. Jarrett). I only had 4 of them already (1 Gordon and 3 Martin's). I pulled 7 duplicate Davey's for that PC. I pulled 7 duplicate Dale Sr. cards too (for Nick Wilson).

The "vintage" cards break down like this:
1988 = 6 cards (1 dup.)
1989 = 6 cards (2 dups and 1 triple)
1990 = 6 cards (1 dup.)
1991 = 13 cards (no dups)
1991 Update = 5 cards (no dups)

This was a fun break, even without the big '88 Earnhardt pull. It was interesting pulling cards of a couple guys that are STILL racing (Morgan Shepherd and Jeff Green), a bunch of owners that are still around and a bunch of guys that are part of the broadcasts now (JG, DW, Kyle Petty, Larry Mac).

I have 2 boxes of Black left that I need to sell. Anyone interested?
Nice 88 Earnhardt and crew congrats
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