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Full Version: the rookie bench warmer
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hello I am new to all this card trading stuff im an action figure type guy even then im new to this whole buy sell trade game ive always been interested in it and how it works i kept all my toys from my childhood putting emotional value to the side in my hard times of being broke they came to the rescue im new to ebay as well im from the highdesert in ca. and its pawn and thrift shop capital buy and sell cheap here but thats the problem on those offerup and letgo apps i dealt with all kinds of lowballers and pawn shop guys it feels good to know that theres a bigger better trading ,selling,and buying world out there, ive had my garbage pail kids cards since forever poor condition but this guy sold me some decent ones for a good price he says he got ripped off in a baseball card trade im interested in getting my cards graded but its so confusing and very delicate when i buy packs now iput rubber gloves on and try not to touch em alot any advice you guys have for rookies like me would be helpful. thank you
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