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Full Version: Last Boombox
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This month's Boombox was a pretty big disappointment. Here was the line-up:

2015 Contenders
2015 Contenders Draft Picks
2015 Prizm Draft Picks
2017 Classics
2017 Playoff
2018 Classics
2018 Donruss

The 2017 Playoff being the only non-retail pack. This product used to include a few hobby pack but I think since they started with the High-end box($50 for mostly hobby packs) the $30 regular Boombox is not going to have any hobby pack.

I got no hits and the best cards were a Fournette RC from the Playoff pack and a Diggs rookie from one of the 2015 packs. Cancelling my subscription.
Ouch sorry
That sucks...
Try Sports Cards Direct. It's only Hobby packs. They're pretty good.