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Full Version: Star Jordan 101 centering
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I have a some Star sets and singles that I bought in 1991 from a basketball mail order shop called Spankys of Iowa. This was my first submission to Beckett and I was happy with everything except the centering grade on the Jordan. It came back graded with a 6.5 for centering. I looked up other cards and the exact same centered cards grade 8 on centering. There are a couple of examples with the exact same cut that recieved 9 grades for centering, which looked to be over graded in my opinion. My question ..... Is this normal for Beckett to miss on a card of this magnitude this consistantly ? If the human error is that great would you crack it open and send it back in ?
Here are a few examples. Mine is at the bottom.. Same centering as the others . They recieved 8,9,9 and mine is the ungraded one at the bottom. It got a 6.5 on centering. According to the others would you send it back in and try again? Is this common ? Thanks
The centering of the card's back is also factored into the centering grade though I think it is weighted less.
To answer your question on resubmitting for a possible bump I'd say its worth a shot especially on this caliber of a card. I'd had some success in the past.
Thanks for the input. With you having success in the past gives me hope. Thank you again