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Adam it looks like this hurricane is headed your way....... I am not sure how many more of our group is in the way also, but I hope and pray that everyone is safe from this monster storm.

Ditto on the concern...what do you know, Adam?
It's definitely heading my way. Gas stations were packed today and grocery stores were getting emptied. Lucky for me that I don't need any of that stuff yet. I did notice during the evening news that the models are starting to move it further east, which is good for my area. The track this morning had the center coming through the south end of my county, putting me in the worst quadrant of the storm. But that seems to be changing a bit. What I'm worried about is if it stalls out over the state. Forecasters are calling for that and saying a foot-plus of rain and that's not good!
There are two big rivers near me, one north and one south that merge southeast of home and north of work. I'm not worried about my house, but my trip to work. The rivers are a couple of miles away from home. The safest route during that much rain would force me to cross both of those rivers though. That's one of the longest routes to work, but the bridges are well above the rivers. My usual 2 routes to work cross tributaries of the Haw River and the bridges are really low and tend to flood easy. I'll have to avoid both of those roads if we get enough rain. BTW, rain won't let me get the day off of work. My accounts don't close due to weather (usually).
I'll probably go pull the drain plug on my pond Tuesday or Wednesday to lower the water level. That's where my flood concern is for 2 reasons. If the dam that holds the pond bursts or washes over, that water is rushing through the backyard and might get in the basement. Also, when we get a lot of water fast, a pond forms in the lowest part of the backyard in-between my pond and the neighbor's lake. There's a spillway that connects the two from the highest point of my pond to the lowest level of his land. The pipe under his driveway isn't big enough for lots of rain and it backs up into my yard. The edge of the water has never gotten closer than about 20 feet from the house. Once it gets that close, the water is flowing over his driveway like a waterfall (as well as going through the pipe below it). If it comes down to it, I'll dig trenches across his driveway. I've done it before! My #1 goal will be to keep water out of the basement. That's where all of my cards/collectibles are and lots of electronics too.

As long as I have electricity, I'll keep you guys informed.
Oh, I don't think anyone else currently playing in the RFFG is in the path, but I don't know where jasonyeager lives now. I do know that our old friend Echo7Bravo was living in Havelock, right in the path and on the coast. I haven't heard anything from him in a couple of years now though. I don't know if he's still living there or not. Havelock is northeast of Wilmington and almost directly north of Emerald Isle and Atlantic Beach. But it's right beside the Neuse River that drains into the sound. Flooding from storm surge could be a big problem there as the storm passes by and pushes the river water southward. I certainly hope Jerry will be okay. If I lived there, I would be planning for evacuation now!
Dude, be safe. At the very least let us hope that it keeps moving to limit the effect. I hope your basement stays dry.

I have friends with family in that area where Jerry is...they are all looking to get out, I think. The thought of that is scary...

I read that if you do need to evacuate to take photos of every room and drawer and cabinet, etc. for about 30 minutes of time it is a much easier way to keep an inventory of everything. And, to put things in the dishwasher, because it is water tight and should be able to preserve some items that you can't take with you.
The forecast keeps pushing it farther and farther south of me. We'll still get some gusty conditions and some rain. But they're not calling for 10+ inches here anymore. Now it's 4-6 inches. Plus the storm is weakening. Now forecast to hit land as a Cat2 instead of a Cat4. That's certainly good news for the coastline!
Yes everyone please stay safe as a Floridian I know these things are no joke
Even though I've always lived in central NC, I spent all of my summers as a kid on the coast. There were many times we had to rush inland to avoid hurricanes and tropical storms. I've also seen the aftermath first-hand for many storms (including Hugo in '89, Isabel in '03 and Katrina in MS in 2005).

If you guys want to watch some live webcams of the storm, here are 2 of my favorites for the Wilmington area:

Most of my usual Outer Banks webcams aren't working now. Some were turned off for safety, some were in the process of being replaced/upgraded, and some have lost power already. NC Highway 12 on Hatteras Island has already been closed b/c of the water rushing over the dunes and onto the highway.

Conditions here have gotten much windier throughout the day. A strong steady wind now around 15-20 mph. Not much rain so far, just scattered light showers. The forecast has also been bumped back up to 6-10 inches of rain over the weekend. I'm closer to the 6" line than the 10" line though. As I said before, I'll keep you all posted for as long as I have power. Hopefully I won't lose power at all, but you never know. I still have to work Friday and Saturday too. So if I lose power here, I can get online at work if needed.
Definitely stay safe. We will be thinking of you.
I'm still doing fine guys. Not bad here really. Wind is still blowing around 20mph w/ gusts around 30. A little over an inch of rain in my gauge now, mostly from this evening while I was at work. It's raining here again right now and has been since I got home about 10pm. I haven't seen any flooding or any real damage in my travels today. My farthest work account is 16 miles away, so I do cover some ground in this area. With the storm moving more southward now, I don't see much more effects until it starts moving NW again. The rain is supposed to be more steady/consistent Saturday afternoon throughout Sunday night.

The links I posted last night shut down b/t 3 & 4 am when the power went out. Pretty much all of the webcams on the southern coast are down now. Some of the NC DOT traffic cams are still working though. Some of the Outer Banks cams are back running as well.
Still fine here guys. Watching the NXS race on my DVR now. The wind died down a little bit Saturday, but the rain picked up. My county is in a Flash Flood Watch until 8pm Sunday night. There was a Flash Flood Warning for a few hours Friday evening and again Saturday afternoon and evening due to consistent heavy rain. The bands of rain keep hitting here, but with gaps an hour or two (or three) between each band. My rain gauge is at almost 2.5 inches now since the beginning of the storm.

The biggest river near me isn't expected to crest until Monday afternoon and at about 7 feet above flood stage. But that is well south of home. It makes me feel even worse for the people along the Cape Fear River though! The Haw River drains into the Cape Fear, so things will only get worse in Wilmington and everywhere north of where the river drains into the ocean. Last I heard was a death toll of 11 people. It would be much higher if so many people hadn't evacuated the coastal areas of NC and SC.

My grandfather's hometown was flooded (again), but at least he lives here with me now. It flooded in 1999 from Hurricanes Dennis and Floyd back-to-back. Then it flooded again in 2003 from Hurricane Isabel. He's lived with me since that one. I saw an aerial image of Engelhard, NC today and it looks like the flooding was only a few inches deep. That's much better than the foot-and-a-half from Isabel. Hurricane Matthew a couple of years ago wasn't too bad for Hyde County. It's effects were mostly south of there. Sadly, that's the same area with the most problems from Florence right now. I really hope this is the last one for several years for eastern NC and SC! The good thing that comes out of these storms is better preparation and more resilient buildings for the next one. Many of the homes destroyed in 1999 and then even more in 2003 were raised above ground level to greatly reduce flooding chances. Better land-management around rivers and lakes has also helped limit damage and loss of life from tropical storms. This wasn't the case in New Bern, NC though. They flooded so bad because they aren't used to so much surge pushing the sound and the rivers backwards for such a long period of time. I'd bet that most of the highly-flooded houses get raised several feet when they are re-built or re-structured.
IMO, ALL houses in the coastal plain (and especially near rivers and sounds) should be on stilts. By that, I mean that the first 8-10 feet of the house should be an open carport/garage with the main floor of the house 8-10 feet above the ground. Beachfront hotels consistently do a similar thing all along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. The first floor is a lobby and the walls are built to wash away easily in storms without damaging the structure of the building itself. The hotel stays intact and the only damage they have to fix/replace are the breakaway walls on the first floor. It's kind of the opposite of what is being done in the Midwest to protect against tornado damage. Build down for tornadoes, build up for floodwaters.
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