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Full Version: still around
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hey everyone,

Still around trading - my cards need to be organized big time but see anything you like feel free to shoot an offer - not checking quite as often as I have in the past - but will do my best to get back to you.



Offer sent

I have a lot of base marked as wanted - that's not entirely accurate. Still working on my 15/16 series one master set and 10/11 YG's and the retro set of that year.

So wants are marked - just a little confusing. Open to offers so feel free to send open ended ones and I will have a look.
Lazy Sunday pouring rain. Anyone around and trading?
I'm here
offer sent
nice 4 trades completed last couple days

always open to offers

always working on these sets - 10/11 ygs and 10/11 series 1 anniversary parallel set. 15/16 series 1 master set - all canvas signature sensations jersey cards etc.