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Full Version: JJ card #1300 arrived!!!
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I made 2 trades to get numbers 1299 and 1300 for my Johnson collection. Both are pretty good ones, especially #1300. Here they are:

#1299 is a 2018 Panini Father's Day RU Tire card:

[Image: 30529195478_3737cbdd53_z.jpg]
[Image: 43489297445_ea891337b3_z.jpg]

#1300 is an AWESOME addition. It is my 10th 1/1 and only the 2nd one I got from a trade. On top of that, it's an ERROR card.

2009 Press Pass Showcase #39 Printing Plate Black

The error is that the front is actually card #5 from the base set.

[Image: 44397182721_75ea8be527_z.jpg]

[Image: 43489300795_5d24d0cb77_z.jpg]

Thanks for looking!
Nice additions to your PC, congrats.
Sent you a PM.

That plate is really clean. What a nice "card" for # 1300. Congrats.

I probably need to spend some time to see what my count is. Since I dropped the OPG and lost Organize, I have been really poor about keeping track (not that I was that great before anyway).

I did buy a bunch of card boxes, and I have been doing a bunch of sorting, so maybe in a few weeks I will have my Trade Site updated (don't hold your breath...LOL). I am changing jobs (well, basically the same job, but a new company), so hopefully that gives me a creative spark...
Thanks guys. It was a long week waiting on that plate! Wink

Tom, I keep a running list with numbers of cards for each year and totals. I do have to go through and re-count once or twice a year to make sure the numbers are still accurate.