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Full Version: Sidney Moncrief
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Is he one of the most underrated players of all time?
With career averages like this, I think he is rated about right. Average NBA player.

PTS - 15.6 TRB - 4.7 AST - 3.6 STL - 1.2 BLK - 0.3

218 players averaged as many or more points per game as he did.
525 players averaged as many or more rebounds per game as he did.
265 players averaged as many or more assists per game as he did.
233 players averaged as many or more steals per game as he did.
715 players averaged as many or more blocks per game as he did.
One thing different with his career. Bird had two HOF players, so did Magic. Moncrief didn't have those players.
Bird is a good example because they played almost the exact same time. Bird played for just one more year. The fact that he played with 2 HOF players to me means that he had to share the ball more. He had less shots, rebounds, assists, steals and everything else because he had to share all of that with those other 2 guys, right? Even with all that he still ended up averaging:

24.3 PPG, 10.0 RPG, 6.3 APG and 1.7 SPG

Bird also had
12 All Star selections to just 5
10 times all NBA to just 5
3 MVP's to 0
2 Finals MVP's to 0
3 NBA Championships to 0
1 Olympic Gold Medal to 0

There are just a ton of players that can go out and get you 15 - 5 - 5. They make a couple all NBA teams, maybe a few all star appearances and maybe get a championship if they are lucky enough to be on the right team at the right time. They are great players that had a good career and were important to their teams. That's all.

Sam Cassell, Shawn Marion, Kevin Johnson, Richard Jefferson, Antawn Jamison, Vin Baker, Dan Majerle, Antoine Walker, Larry Johnson, Jason Terry, Elton Brand and this list goes on and on and on. There are a ton of good players. Sidney was one of those guys. It's alot harder to get in to the Great player category[/align].