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Full Version: 2018 RFFG - Week 23 - STANDINGS
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This week's race is on Sunday 8/12 @ Michigan - 2:30pm on NBCSN. The cutoff time to make/change picks is Saturday 8/11 at 11pm EDT. Here are the current points standings:

1. wsc - 895
2. dun - 857
3. spaz - 851
4. kd80 - 805
5. kev - 780
6. nick - 692
7. a9a - 661
8. lead - 646
9. csc - 634


I'll pick JJ for now.
Chase Elliott
Well, Kyle Busch or Kevin Harvick? I am going to go with Kyle Busch for now. Thanks!
I am going to try something different, give me Larson for now.
Holy cow, can Chase Elliott go back to back?!? This could be his best track, for sure...minus the wins, of course.

Speaking of wins, though - Kyle Larson? Dominates this track.

Tough not to pick one of those three guys that everyone is talking about...they are all so fast.

Give me Kevin Harvick.

I'm going to have to make my usual change and pick Kyle Busch this week.
Are you guys recording NASCAR broadcasts from NBCSN?? If not, you should be! I don't mean just the practices and Qualifying. I mean after that. All of my NASCAR programs are set to record for an extra 90 minutes (just for weather issues).
After Cup Qualifying and booth interviews with Chase, Erik Jones and others, they had an awesome segment. Dale Jr., Jeff Burton and Kyle Petty went all over the infield just crashing parties to check out the coolest buses/campers and best gatherings. It was hilarious! This is exactly what people need to see about what happens at the tracks when cars aren't on them. Petty was tossing out can coolers like they were beads at Mardi Gras, Dale Jr. was signing people's vehicles and letting people get selfies with him and Burton was just goofing around while mostly being the microphone man. It was so funny. They checked out a couple of awesome buses and a vintage pop-up camper. Then they came upon one group where a guy had a pedal car painted like Elliott's NAPA car (missing the logos of course). Not only did it have a stereo system inside of it, but Kyle took it for a ride around that area of the infield. He almost got hit by a real fire-truck!

That was a great segment! NASCAR needs more of this kind of stuff to be seen and I hope NBC puts some of that footage into their broadcast of the race on Sunday.

After the ignorance of Brian France from last Sunday, NASCAR really needs something like that segment to get (or keep) people interested in NASCAR racing. Some of the people that Dale/Kyle/Jeff talked to had been going to that track for 20-40 years!
Martin truex jr
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