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Full Version: What should the NBC Race Team wear during the race? VOTE!!!
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This is open through Saturday at some time. The vote is for what the broadcasters (booth and track-side) should wear during the race on Sunday. Options are: 1) Casual Wear, 2) Jeans and a Racing T-shirt, 3) Suit and Tie.


My pick is #2. The NBC team should always be wearing jeans and a racing t-shirt!!! NASCAR has nothing to do with suits and I wish they'd stop that. Casual Wear is okay with me (button-up shirt and khakis or slacks), but the fans usually wear jeans and tee's. The broadcasters should wear the same IMO!

Interesting take.

I prefer suit and tie in the booth, casual trackside, but always a collar. I do not want a fan broadcasting, i want a professional broadcasting who is also a fan.
Dale Jr. does not seem comfortable in a suit and tie so I have to say #1 Casual.
jeans and a shirt
Number 2
Those three guys in the booth look like idiots in those t-shirts. NASCAR goes to high school. Ridiculous, I don't care what anyone says. Pretend to be professional.

That said, Dale Jr.s Dick Trickle Racing shirt is pretty sweet...
I like it. I don't want to see them like that every week, but every once in a while is cool with me. I like all 3 of their tee's.